Aug 28 2016

Monty Kitten was reported to be walking a little strangely and pawing at his ears so the Kitten Manager, Karma, took an extra close look at him today and reported to the vet team:  I went in and took a look at Monty. His ears looked clean and no indication of scratching them (scabs, redness) was seen. He was also holding them in the normal erect position, not “helicopter ears”, as is often seen ear irritations. When going into the Cabana, he walked right over to me. His rear legs may be a bit stiff, and he has a pretty intense butt-wiggle, but nothing really abnormal was noted. He reacted normally when I touched/pinched his toes and kicked back a good amount of pressure on my hands when I pushed on his feet.

Dr. Justin and Jamie came out yesterday to check on Zouletta and PurrSonality the servals and others on the observation chart.  Zouletta and PurrSonality still aren’t eating as much as we would like.  By contrast Tiger Lilly Bobcat is eating better on her soft food diet.  Hoover and TJ the tigers are eating OK.  The Hoover Tote bag continues to be one of our hottest selling items.

Cameron Lion didn’t eat breakfast, but that’s not too unusual for him.  He gets fed several times a day, so the Keepers just wait till he’s ready.

Today I came in to help protect the cats from vultures who intimidate them and steal their food.  I took the opportunity to film most of the Feeding Tour, led by Sarah B and Sarah D.  They did a great job.  You can see it on

We had to turn off reviews temporarily on our Facebook page because Eddie Serio of Black Jaguar White Tiger spent the entire day posting lies about us. That caused his many of ill informed fans to come to our page and post false one star reviews.  The good news is that a lot of them, after being given the entire story, changed their reviews to 5 stars.  Some are just too selfish and want to feel good about sharing videos of baby big cats raised in Eddie’s closets for photo ops, so they won’t read what we give them and won’t do any sort of investigative work with Charity Navigator, Guidestar or the Global Federation of Animals Sanctuaries.  They don’t want to hear from any organization that doesn’t condone their exploitation of cubs, so we just have to turn off the reviews for a day or two until he lets up.  The tirades of misinformation spewed by him and others who breed cubs for profit and ego are a reminder to us that we are making difference in the protection of big cats and their cubs, or they wouldn’t bother.


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