Aug 29 2016

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Nikita Camera issue turned out to be the little proprietary surge protector installed by Colwill.  He removed the surge protector for now and will order a new one, so NL is working!  We are going to mow before she goes back in there today though.

TJ, Cameron and Joseph all eating about a third of their diet, but they are spending their days sleeping mostly.  Zouletta Serval is still only eating about a third of her diet too, and is being more closely monitored, by the vet, who is here today to do vaccines, and other cat related work.  Today we moved Zimba, her former cell mate from the basement in NY, next door to her.  We will watch them to see if they are interested in sharing a space again.

Purr-sonality Serval was euthanized at the age of 21.  A month after the dental work and she never did go back to eating enough.  As her appetite continued to wain we decided to sedate her again, run blood work again and do an exploratory surgery.  We had seen something suspicious looking in her ultrasound a month ago, but weren’t sure, so we figured at the age of 21 there wasn’t much hope, but maybe we’d find something that could be fixed.  We didn’t.  Her blood work showed that her kidneys were done, as did the exploratory, and so we made the sad decision to euthanize her.

Hoover is eating well.  Anyone not on this list is eating / doing well.

Spirit Feather moved out to the Bobcat Rehab area today.  Watch for her on and scroll back on our timeline to see the Facebook LIVE post.


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