August 10 2017

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Happy World Lion Day

Big Cat Updates

Kathryn's Coordinator Report for 8/9/17 Wednesday

Another hot day for volunteers and cats!

Picky cats ate ok today. Divinity and Apache not till pm meds. They are locked in the side near the tour path so we can work on their enclosure.

We need a poop sample from Servie, please send cleaners out first thing to get it.

Weeded and mowed out by the vacation rotation.

A lot of cicles got made.

Camera work was done in Vacation, Andy and Rehab.


Matthew B. has graduated from!!  Way to go, Matthew!!!

Clipart lion Did You Know? - *NEW*

Everyone who makes the Call of the Wild at qualifies to be picked from our random daily drawing to win a Big Cat Rescue wrist band bracelet. Only US citizens can make the Call of the Wild because members of congress only want to hear from people in their district and the system makes the call for you, based on your zip code.

Please don't try to qualify by using a wrong address, as the winner's bracelets will be shipped to the address that was used in the Call of the Wild.

We will find some other contest for our non US fans, so keep tuned.

clipart lynx leaping HEADS UP!

As of last night, the live web cams in Vacation Rotation and Bobcat Rehab will have infra red lights so you can watch the cats at night. It may be a few days for Tiger Lake's new infra read lights to be active.

 ****NEW*** Watch Facebook Shows

Big Cat Rescue was selected by Facebook to help roll out their new program called Facebook Shows. This way you will never miss another video of your favorite cats, keepers and vets of Big Cat Rescue.

Even though the Watch tab may not appear on your phones until August 28, 2017 you can join the pages and chat group now, so that you don't miss a single episode.

According to : "Facebook plans to roll out access to Watch to more users and more content creators soon, starting with the rest of the U.S. before expanding internationally. Users with access will see a TV-shaped Watch button in the bottom navigation bar of Facebook’s main app that opens the new video hub."

You can see Facebook's launch video here:

Click the Shows Below to Join them Now!


Join the Chat Group Created for these new Facebook Shows

Click here:

Join the Messenger Group Open to All

We are working hard to streamline our interaction with our faithful fans and this is where we are really concentrating effort, so if you are on Facebook, please join us in Messenger.

Why Do We Do These Shows?

The big cats need your help. They are too magnificent to be bred for lives of deprivation and confinement.

There is a federal bill that would stop the abusive act of cub handling and would limit the possession of big cats to the facilities that take proper care of them and are not in constant violation of animal welfare laws. U.S. citizens can (and should) contact their members of congress regularly to encourage them to "champion the Big Cat Public Safety Act, HR 1818" and we make that easy at

We even are selecting winners, daily, from those who have made the "Call of the Wild" and will be sending them a Big Cat Rescue wristband to show our appreciation.

See how that works in the video:

Non residents can also help by always being sure to check the actions that are open to everyone at and we will be doing drawings and contests for our non U.S. fans too.

Meanwhile, we are trying to raise awareness on Amazon by creating a store there. Your reviews help us reach more people. These bracelets are an inexpensive way to help and to spark the conversation with other cat lovers:
Get yours here: Thank you everyone! It takes a village!
Get yours here: Thank you everyone! It takes a village!

 Happy Birthday Cyrus Caracal

Cyrus is 7 years old today.

Rachel C made a collage for Cyrus.

Viewers got together and built a calendar of the cats' birthdays.  you can find it at right below the list of the cats.

 Mosquito Fish Update

Twelve people have donated a combined total of $515 toward this project.  The goal is $700 which will purr-chase 2,800 Mosquito Fish.

You know how annoying mosquitoes are and if you watch our Facebook LIVE walkabouts, you know that a lot of the big cats suffer seasonal allergies due to mosquito bites. Huge shout out to Melanie D. who recommended Mosquito Fish to put a permanent end to the suffering of the cats and their keepers.

Learn more about this project at

 Facebook Live Video Replays

Short Evening Walkabout:  Keeper Devin is feeding picky cats evening snacks.  Devin started out as an Intern here about a hundred years ago and is now a green shirt, senior keeper.

Questions asked on the video

THANK YOU for the 337 shares!!!  Those shares are very important!!

Why doesn't Zabu get an evening snack?

  • Cameron is a fussy eater, does not eat all his breakfast, and needs to gain some weight.  Zabu, on the other hand is  is plenty "Fluffy" and does not need extra snacks.  Zabu eats all of her breakfast and does not need to gain additional weight.

What is Cameron eating?

  • Cameron's 'favorite' food changes frequently.  But one favorite he always comes back to is turkey drums.  Learn about what we feed the cats at

ClipArt Cub in a cape Keeper Corner

Keeper Brittany Mira:  Feeling pretty sleepy but I'm going to thoroughly enjoy every kitty face I see today!

Keeper Afton:  Joseph says, "It's World Lion Day!"

Joseph says, "It's World Lion Day!"

Clipart lion Happy World Lion Day

Graphic made and contributed by viewer Donna Morefield

grey kitten, kittens, cute kittens, kitten clipart, cat art Foster Kitten Update

Karma is picking up a bunch of kittens today to take them back to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay where they will be fixed and adopted. The black kittens have collars so they will know who is who.

The following will be returning to the Humane Society to be adopted:

  • Tiana
  • Flynn
  • Navine
  • Phillip
  • Barry Allen

2 Feral Kittens

This is not something we normally do, but did make an exception in this case.  One of our donors has asked us to help socialize some feral kittens she found. They have had their vaccines, wormings and SNAP tests.  In addition to having vaccines, etc., they have also been spayed and have microchips.  We tried them out in the Cabana today, and other than being shy, they are doing very well. Please give them some extra love when visiting with the kittens and move slowly. The are very affectionate while being held.

Karma sent a picture so you know who they are.  If anyone is interested in adopting these beauties, let Karma know and she can put you in touch with Joanne. This adoption would not be through the Humane Society.

Thank you, to all of the interns and volunteers for helping to socialize them!

 BCR Website Updates

 Viewer Videos From

Here is a list of YouTube channels that feature videos of the cats here:

 Quick Links

As per viewer suggestions, Quick Links now has it’s very own page

Bookmarking it will help you find things quickly.  That will come in handy for:

  • Helping us answer questions on social media
  • Finding answers to some of Carole’s Facebook Live questions

 WANTED – Graphic Artists

Carole is looking for a graphic artist who really gets what we are all about and would would like to help us with some graphics for shirts.  If that is you or if you know someone like that, please have them email Carole at



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