August 11 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Easy Street is being Graded tomorrow by the construction company, so please watch for the sign closing and use the alternate route of Citrus Park at the Light.

 Facebook Live Video Replays

Tigers swim and play in their own lakeside habitat at Big Cat Rescue. Watch more at

Crazy time in the Kitten Cabana at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL. Have you checked out Facebook’s new Watch tab? Look for these big cat shows: Big Cat TV, Big Cat Vets and Wildcat Walkabouts

Popsicles For Your House Cats

After posting a video of our big cats getting popsicles, many viewers asked it they could make them for their cats at home. Here is a video on how to make them!

 Win A Big Cat Rescue Supporter Band

Show the world that you support Big Cat Rescue by wearing one a Big Cat Rescue awareness bracelet. Band is black with the BCR tiger, paw prints, and the words Big Cat Rescue in white.
Show the world that you support Big Cat Rescue by wearing one a Big Cat Rescue awareness bracelet. Band is black with the BCR tiger, paw prints, and the words Big Cat Rescue in white.

How to Win: Make the Call of the Wild at  Each day that you make the Call of the Wild Carole is notified and at the end of every day, Carole will run a randomizer to pick one winner every day.  It is important that when you make the Call of the Wild that you use you accurate address because that is the address that Keeper Lauren Buckingham will then mail a Big Cat Rescue Supporter Wrist Band to the daily winner.  LaWanna will post the winner every day on Big Cat Updates.  When you see your name on the list below you will know there is a wrist band on it’s way to you.

Note about Security:  When you input your name and address at it is a secure system.  The system uses your address to connect you with the lawmaker for your area.   We NEVER share your information with any third parties, ever!


  • August 10, 2017 Brian G.


Advocating for big cats can sometimes feel like we’re playing the whack-a-mole game. A horrible facility (Bowmanville Zoo in Canada) finally closed last year and we were thrilled. You may recall this is the zoo where owner Michael Hackenberger was seen in 2016 in an undercover video mercilessly whipping a terrified tiger.

But now this zoo has reopened and rebranded itself with a fancy-sounding new name (Clarington Family Outdoor Adventure Park) and some new management. But what hasn’t changed? The abuse to big cats and cubs; they are selling lion cub encounters. Don’t be fooled and don’t patronize this roadside zoo that has the audacity to claim their cub petting encounters are “good for the cubs to be handled because they need to be socialized to people.” Sickening.

ACTION ALERT —> PLEASE kindly post educational comments on the article: If you are not sure what to say you can even copy/paste info from to help educate other readers. PLEASE REMEMBER to be KIND & TEACHING!

People often ask what they can do to help.  Two of the biggest things you can do are:

  1. Educate the public and lawmakers:  Do that by looking for opportunities to talk about the issues and by commenting on every article or photo you see of people participating in the cub petting and cub photo schemes.  Keep your comments educational and polite.  Do not get sucked into arguments.  Do not be rude.  If some people reply rudely, ignore them, because you can’t change their mind anyway.  But instead remain kind and polite because other people reading will see the contrast between their rudeness and your kindness and will then be more inclined to remember your message.
  2. If you are in America please, PLEASE, make the Call of the Wild every week at


Big Cat Rescue is blessed with the MOST AMAZING supporters!!!  You all are always there for the cats!!  We could not do what we do here without each and everyone of you walking beside us!  TOGETHER, we are all making a difference!

A few days ago we told all of you about a project we wanted to try to help cut down the number of mosquitoes bothering the cats.  We wanted to raise $700 to be used to purr-chase 2,800 Mosquito Fish to stock Tiger Lake and Vacation Rotation Pond.  Yesterday, the goal was met!!  A total of $755 was donated for this project.  Carole will be picking up the fish soon and is goign to try to broad cast that live.

Viewers suggested bat houses, too so I asked Carole about it and she said that we had just gotten some new ones and those should help as well.

Clipart lion Big Cat Rescue’s Facebook News

ONE:  Our main page has a new look.

TWO:  Big Cat Rescue has three new Facebook Show pages. Carole has been working very hard on getting these ready for launch.  You can “Like” / “Join” the Show pages now.  On August 28th you will even be able to have Facebook Show icons on your phone.  Will YOU help us promote these new Facebook Show pages by sharing them and asking your friends to check them out?

THREE:  Big Cat Rescue has also re-opened a closed group to all the people who “Like” our Facebook Show pages.  We want this to be the place YOU can post bout and talk about the cats and cat issues.   After you “Like” our three new Facebook Show pages above, please pop on over and join our Big Cat Rescue Facebook group at We look forward to seeing YOU, and your cat posts, there.

Note to Viewers:  Carole made a NEW BCR Website page giving more details about this exciting news at:  Please check it out and leave a note in the comments for Carole.

 BCR Website Updates

NEW Pages:

Updated Pages:

 Raising Awareness Thru Amazon

We are trying to raise awareness on Amazon by creating a store there.  Your reviews help us reach more people.  These bracelets are an inexpensive way to help and to spark the conversation with other cat lovers:

Bracelet to save tigers

 Viewer Pix

Viewers watch our cats on their webcams at and take photos and submit them to to be shared here.  YOU can do that, too!

Viewer Robin Frye:  Three Floofers in a Fishbowl

Viewer Lee Durbin captured a similar photo and commented: I have been watching the kitten cabana and just fell in love with these three babies. Yesterday they were hiding in the kittle box but this morning I saw them all climb into this little toy together. I had my doubts that third would be able to squeeze in but he sure managed to get in there J One of the bigger cats bullied them out of their little cave yesterday but they seem to be coming out more today. I am sure the interns are seeing to that 🙂

Viewer Robin Frye:  Handsome Seth Face:

Viewer Robin Frye:  Seth doing his best Yoda impersonation:

Seth doing his best Yoda impersonation… Seth doing his best Yoda impersonation… Seth doing his best Yoda impersonation…

Viewer Lee Durbin: Another one of Andy and sleeping tongue hanging out photos….love this boy! 🙂
Another one of Andy and sleeping tongue hanging out photos….love this boy! J


We LOVE seeing photos like this!!!

  1. You can always post photos like this on
  2. Big Cat Rescue now has a group on Facebook you can also post these on:


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