August 14 2018

Big Cat Updates

Part 5 of 8: Why Regulating Conditions Under Which Big Cats Are Kept SIMPLY DOES NOT and CANNOT WORK

Class Unit: Why Regulations Won’t Work
Lesson: 5 of 8

Class Unit: Why Regulations Won't Work Lesson: 5 of 8
Class Unit: Why Regulations Won’t Work
Lesson: 5 of 8

No place for the animals if more enforcement was possible. What if the government did have the resources to have enough inspectors and lawyers to properly enforce the laws, and found a way to monitor behaviors they cannot currently detect with inspections, and revoked more USDA licenses? Where would the animals go?

The handful of accredited sanctuaries can only take in a limited number of animals each year.

In recent years, as “hoarders” have built up very large populations of big cats, sometimes over 100, we end up with the equivalent of the banking industry’s “too big to fail” because there is no way to place all these animals. Sadly, sometimes that leaves the only alternative as euthanasia.

In the field of human child abuse, we have a system of social workers and foster homes across the nation set up to deal with the large volume of abused children. In the field of the domestic cat and dog abuse, while many are euthanized, we have a broad national system of shelters and rescue groups devoted to finding new homes for the animals and many people willing to take in rescued animals.

There is no such infrastructure for big cats.

Part 6 will post in tomorrow’s Big Cat Update and will further explain exactly why “Regulations Can’t and Won’t Work.”  If you don’t want to wait, or if you missed previous lessons, you can join our Facebook group at and once there click or tap on the “Units” tab and then scroll down to the unit called “Why Regulations Won’t Work”

Keeper Corner

Andean Mountain Cat in the Wild

Check out this rare look at an Andean Mtn Cat 😁 Learn more about this fascinating little wildcat:

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