August 17 2018

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Big Cat Updates

Afton's Coordinator Notes for 8/17/2018

Busy day! We had just enough people to team up and get by feeding, cleaning, and the tours throughout the day.

Everyone was tied up in the morning, so Steph C. and I did food prep after lunch while everyone else did tours.  I stayed up on laundry throughout the day.

While Steph cleaned up the cooler and food prep, I ran around feeding snack cats, doing supplements, and cleaning up both hospitals.  She and I put away the items on the cleaning slab, and we pushed over the transport cage for cleaning.  The Y-stick and the tarp on top need to be cleaned as well.  We made a great duo getting things done!! She was awesome!

Des, Sue R., and Mary Ellen hung around to change out stinky fly traps as we got a delivery of them today. Yay!

Fantastic Foster Kitten News

Barney, the little kitten that broke his toe, has found his forever home!

The kittens that were positive for ringworm all tested negative!!! Thank you to everyone who worked so hard with them. Since they are getting so big and the Humane Society is doing a "Clear the Shelter" day tomorrow, I will be taking all 9 back on Sunday. There will be plenty of room in the newly cleared shelter and hopefully, they will be adopted quickly, even though they are a bit bigger.

Melina and Morty already have a potential adopter that wants to take them together.

Also heading back to the Humane Society on Sunday will be little Sugar. She is already 2 lbs, but on Monday will be old enough to have the surgery she needs.  I wanted this done as soon as possible so she can recover and run around like a kitten should be able to.  Again, thank you to everyone who had a part in caring for this special little one!

Thank you again!

Karma L. Hurworth
Assistant Manager/Master Keeper, Big Cat Rescue

Alexa Flash Briefing

Alexa Flash Briefing 8-17-2018

Alexa Flash Briefing 8-17-2018

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Part 8 of 8, the QUIZ: Why Regulating Conditions Under Which Big Cats Are Kept SIMPLY DOES NOT and CANNOT WORK

Class Unit: Why Regulations Won't Work
Lesson: 8 of 8, the QUIZ

Test your knowledge of Why Regulations Won't Work with this short informative quiz.

Check the previous 7 daily Big Cat Updates to will further explain exactly why "Regulations Can't and Won't Work."  If  you missed previous lessons, you can join our Facebook group at and once there click or tap on the "Units" tab and then scroll down to the unit called "Why Regulations Won't Work."

Keeper Corner

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