August 20, 2019

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Big Cat Updates

Malachite – It’s a boy! The newest rehab 4-month-old Malachite was examined on Monday. He had three broken canine teeth removed. These were his baby teeth and X-rays showed his adult teeth look good and are coming in normally.

From August 14th: Sheena Serval went back outside to her enclosure.

From August 12th: Hoover is recovering well in the outside hospital cage. He will be there for at least 2 weeks. He had another surgery on his front paw.


We can’t believe it. Utah wildlife officials want to kill even more cougars! On August 22nd, the Utah Wildlife Board will vote on a proposal to increase cougar hunting permits. For the past few years, every year, the Utah Wildlife Board has voted to increase the cougar hunt quota. It is making the state a go-to destination for trophy hunters. This year they are proposing to increase the number of hunt permits to 678 for the 2019-2020 season. That’s an extra 34 cats. With an estimated population of only 1,500 – 2,500 independent age cougars, it’s too many!

TAKE ACTION! Use this link to email Board members ASAP and demand that they oppose an increase to the state’s cougar hunt quota!

Additionally, you may attend the public meeting to voice your opposition to this proposal:
Thursday, August 22nd, 9 a.m.
Utah Department of Natural Resources
1594 North Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84114

Alexa Flash Briefing

In case you have missed previous days’ news briefings you can find them all at


Someone has been targeting BCR supporter with a Facebook Messenger Scam by sending messages asking for Amazon Gift Cards.  IMPORTANT: Big Cat Rescue does NOT ASK for Amazon Gift Cards in messenger! Take a look at this screenshot from the scam.  Please notice they are using names and profile photos of BCR staff members HOWEVER you can tell it is a fake account because of the following.

  1. ** Using Messenger without Facebook
  2. Logged in using a phone number from United States
  3. ** Account was recently created
Facebook Scam Alert

Facebook Scam Alert

Staff was not hacked but instead, someone created a new account and falsely used the name and profile photos of staff.  So far, we have had reports that someone has solicited Amazon Gift Cards using the following staff names: Carole, Jamie, Karma, Holly, & LaWanna.  We had no idea this was happening for the past few months until it was reported a couple of days ago. If this has happened to you, please send the info such as screenshots or eGift Card transaction numbers to and contact Amazon to see what name was used to redeem the gift card.

If you EVER get anything from BCR or BCR staff that you are not sure it is legitimate or from a fake account please promptly email or the office directly at

Bobcat Rehab Update – Flint

FLINT – Flint’s windows have been covered up to keep him from jumping up on the window sill, so now he has free roam of the room. His blue carrier is in there and he uses it as a hideout.  On days that weather permits he is getting some outside time to enjoy the daylight.  The outside cage he is using is low so that he cannot climb high and get hurt.  He is currently getting two hours a day outside, As his gains strength, that time is being increased by two hours a day each week.

We rented a $7000 Bemer Device system for 30 days for $600 to give Flint two treatments per day. We are making the most of it to see if it is worth investing in a unit for all our cats’ healing. If you would like to help us cover things like this equipment rental there is a fundraiser on Facebook for the month of August called “Medical Supplies for Big Cats” and any amount would help.

See LOTS more photos and info below.

Daily Memes & Quotes

We’re not promised tomorrow, so don’t spend a moment living in the past

Memes and Quote of the Day -

Foster Kitten Update

Kitten Karma says, “THANK YOU, for the new cat beds for the special needs kittens. Your gifts are TRULY APPRECIATED and are being well used for all the kittens!!”

Mae, Mario, Mitch, and Mulligan have all found their purr-manent homes!

Renegade and Rosie will return to the Humane Society on Wednesday to begin their search for furever families.

The A kittens are now clear to go to the Cabana, beginning on Wednesday.

Coordinator Report – Devin Saari

Awesome Tuesday!

Mazz Amirat did food-prep after cleaning. Tomorrow is a fast day so only some of the cats will be eating. Ginger is doing great in the hospital! Cindy Kuharek and Marie Schoubert did the cicle cats and some operant after cleaning.

Dylan Lavigne was a champ and weed whacked for 5 hours this morning. Then later in the afternoon Fred Pagan, Erin Payne took over weed whacking and finished up. Weed whacking was completed all around food-prep, the hospitals, all in front of Priya and Dutchess as well as along the lake bank up to Keisha.

Nikki was also let back into her open-air section.

Also thanks Brittany Mira for coming in to feed this morning.

Videos of the Day – Priya the tiger tries a belly flop, but she is no match for Dutchess. This is a must-see!!!

Q&A at Big Cat Rescue- Follow along as Keeper Brittany shows you many of the Tigers, Lion, Leopards, Jaguar, Cougars, Lynx, Servals, Bobcats, Savannah Cats and an Ocelot that call Big Cat Rescue home! Cats Featured: Gilligan, Loki, Nala, Lakota, Sioux, Lovey, Tiger Lilly, Zimba, Zucari, Ares, Beacher, Hutch, Sundari and Jinx!

Merchandise of the Day

Tiger Lilly Slow Blink apparel is available on our Teespring store!! Get some today!

NEW Design Alert! Available now at and Tiger Lilly - I Slow Blink You too! Inspired by the Morning Facebook LIVE viewers and created by BCR Supporter Natalie Powell.

Big Cat Rescue Merchandise

Exclusive Keeper Moment Videos for Facebook Top Fans and Supporters

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1. VIDEO – Oh… Jasmine is about to get breakfast and she’s so excited!

Supporter Exclusive Content: Become a Facebook Supporter of Big Cat Rescue for only 99 cents per month to get 1 to 3 extra Keeper Moment videos every day. THANK YOU to the viewers who have signed up to be Facebook Subscriber Supporters. We hope you are enjoying your exclusive content. It takes 1200 subscribers to cover the expenses of one tiger. If you are a subscriber and you are enjoying the extra content, please tell your friends.

1. Video – Jasmine is feeling playful again and making it hard for Marie to film her!
2. Video – What do you think Priya’s doing? Chasing little fishies? Rearranging the landscaping?
3. Video – Armani’s so smart! She knows to flip the sicle to reach the good stuff on the bottom.

Become a Subscribing Supporter at

Sample Keeper Moments Video – Jinx is a most handsome leopard! You can see the spots on his front leg even in the shade, but they really show in the sun!

Photos for the Day

Miss Jasmine Tigress is demonstrating her best Tongue Out Tuesday! ?
Have a terrific day everyone! ?

Miss Jasmine Tigress is demonstrating her best Tongue Out Tuesday! ? Have a terrific day everyone! ?

Say what??!!~ Jasmine Tigress

Jasmine Tiger

Beautiful Armani Leopard patiently waiting for her afternoon sicle to arrive!

Beautiful Armani Leopard patiently waiting for her afternoon sicle to arrive!

Sweet Sioux Bobcat has had a
very busy day chasing lizards! ?
She is off to take a catnap! ??
Nite nite Sioux!

It’s past Sioux Bobcat’s bedtime!

It’s past Sioux Bobcat’s bedtime!

Sapphire Tigress has to spend a lot of time grooming to remain white!

Sapphire Tigress has to spend a lot of time grooming to remain white!

Kristine’s Bobcat Rehab Kitten Reports

Malachite – Malachite napped early in the evening for quite a while, then he woke up and played for a while. He played with his post, attacking it and he tried to climb his way out of the cage, lol. He gets totally upside down, or sideways… Go to this post to see the photo album and more of the report.

Flint – Of course, Precious Flint played up a storm, running through his cage pouncing on his stuffie and his hut. His post was on its side and he played on it and stood on it to look out the window, lol. He’s so cute! Go to this post to see more photos and the rest of the report.

Ash and Cinder – Ash and Cinder lounged and napped on top of the tall platform in the very back section, during the afternoon. After a while, they moved to underneath the platform to nap in the shade and on the cool ground. Go to this post to see more photo and the rest of the report.

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