August 23 2019

Apollo Siberian Lynx

Big Cat Updates

Apollo, the 22-yr-old, Siberian Lynx was taken into the cat hospital today. See more info below.

Alexa Flash Briefing

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Apollo Medical Update August 23, 2019

Even though he had been provided an a/c unit earlier this summer as was getting extra frozen treats Apollo was having a very difficult time with the heat. With his advanced age, 22-years-old, and his advanced kidney disease, his decreased activity, and decreased appetite we fear our time with this amazing precious boy of growing very short. Today, he was moved into the cat hospital to see the vet. Here is a more detailed update from Carole.

Apollo Update – Late Afternoon August 23, 2019

Apollo spent the afternoon resting comfortably in the hospital in the a/c.  Afton was able to coax him into eating 10 ounces and drinking some water.

Call of the Wild – Phone2Action Weekly Report

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Phone2Action Weekly ReportDaily Memes & Quotes

“Listen to your intuition”

Memes and Quote of the Day - “Listen to your intuition”

Coordinator Report – Afton Tasler

We had enough people today to take care of the sanctuary needs. Everyone worked independently well while Fred and I were tied up for the majority of the morning with Apollo.

Those of us leftover from tours got food prep done and chores.

Thank you, everyone, that came out today for the cats!

Videos of the Day

Head over to for an exclusive video featuring our Founder, Carole Baskin, as she explains how Big Cat Rescue got started and what our plans are for the future.

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Big Cat Rescue Merchandise
Big Cat Rescue Merchandise

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1. Video – Moses Bobcat has unique reddish-brown coloring and blue eyes.
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Sample Keeper Moments Video – Frankie Bobcat close-up! See the 2 whiskers that start out black and turn to white?

Photos for the Day

Jasmine Tigress taking an afternoon dip!

Jasmine Tigress taking an afternoon dip!

Aww, Running Bear Bobcat looks ready for bed!

Aww, Running Bear Bobcat looks ready for bed!

Please send your prayers and positive thoughts to Apollo the Siberian Lynx this evening. He isn’t feeling well but is resting comfortably in the recovery hospital tonight. 🐾
Feel better sweet Apollo! 🌼

Please send your prayers and positive thoughts to Apollo the Siberian Lynx this evening. He isn’t feeling well but is resting comfortably in the recovery hospital tonight. 🐾 Feel better sweet Apollo! 🌼

Kali Tigress has an extremely relaxing vacation!

Kali Tigress has an extremely relaxing vacation!

Dutchess Tigress sure is glad the weekend is almost here! 🐾 Happy FURiday everyone! 🌻

Dutchess Tigress sure is glad the weekend is almost here! 🐾 Happy FURiday everyone! 🌻

Kristine’s Bobcat Kitten Rehab Daily Report

Malachite – Malachite napped in his hut for quite a while in the afternoon. Then Aleesa came in to clean his cages and give him fresh water and food. After she left he stayed hidden in his hut for a while, then finally came out when he heard Flint making his playing noises. He listened for a while and then he found his food dish and ate some of his dinner. After he was done eating, he wandered around his cage, looked for a way out and maybe played a bit. It’s hard to tell when he’s back there behind his huts.

Then he came up front and looked around for a while, smelling the air, lol. so cute! Then eventually he went back into his hut to take a nice nap. Then he woke up and went to his back cage and laid down in view to lounge back there for a bit and then he laid his head down to nap there for a while. Later overnight, he woke up and wandered around his cage, then he batted at his bird stuffie a little and then sat and looked around, before going into his hut to nap some more. Later he woke up and he wandered back and forth in his cage. He meowed a few times, I couldn’t hear him, but I saw him, while he was trying to find a way out. Eventually, he got in his hut to take another nap. As I write this, he is awake and in his back cage, sitting in his litter box watching out the windows. He is so cute! Love him! 🙂

I wish you a fantastic Friday!
Warm wishes, Kristine Metzner

Flint – Precious Flint played and played during the afternoon. He played with his stuffies, batting them around and carrying them around in his mouth. I just think that’s so adorable! He played with the triangle scratcher, diving into it and scratching on it. He ran back and forth stalking things and running at them real fast. So cute! Eventually, he wore himself out and took a nap behind or by the camera. Not too long later Aleesa came in to clean his room and give him fresh water and a new plate of food.

It’s so cute, every time a keeper comes in to clean and straighten his room and after they leave, he gets all excited, like “Oh boy, my playground is back together!!”. He of course immediately starts playing with stuffies, then dives through his triangle and runs around a bit, then he goes to his food bowl and eats some dinner. After he ate, he played a bit then took a short cat nap up on top of his cat post. When he woke up he played with his redbird stuffie for a bit, then ran around the room, then he got on top of the crate that holds the camera and played, then all of a sudden he darts all around the room, running along the entire perimeter, then jumping up on the camera crate, then darting around the perimeter of room and back to the crate and he continued that for several rounds, lol. He is so funny! He played and played for a while, playing a lot behind the camera crate and then he knocked the camera off-air, fairly early in the evening. Silly, adorable boy! I love him so much!

I wish you a fantastic Friday!
Warm wishes, Kristine Metzner

Ash and Cinder – Ash and Cinder napped somewhere out of view during the afternoon. Later in the early evening, before it was dark, they came up to the front section. They were stalking something, I couldn’t quite see what it was outside their enclosure, but they were definitely focused on it. They were even hunched down in unison, intently watching it. So cute! It was by the water dish for a while and they were right there investigating. They watched it for quite a while and then it must have disappeared because they lost interest. Then there was a squirrel in the tree (which may have been what was on the ground and I just couldn’t see it) that Cinder saw and she sat stalking and watching it, while Ash went to the very back section to get on the tall platform to lounge and then nap.

Cinder stayed up front and watched the squirrel for a while, then she paced the fence for a bit, before finally going to the very back section to find Ash. They stayed back there and napped for quite a while. Later overnight, they came into the front section and sat by the Coolaroo watching things in the night. Then they wandered around a little and Ash got on the Coolaroo and batted at Cinder as she passed by. After a bit, Cinder got up on the Coolaroo with Ash and they lightly played for a couple of minutes, before they both snuggled up together to nap on the Coolaroo. A little while later they woke up and wrestled a bit on the Coolaroo, then they got up, looked around the front section and then went back on the Coolaroo to wrestle for a while. They are so cute! After they were done playing, they wandered around and paced the fence for quite a while. Eventually, they wandered off into the middle section.

As I write this, they are back up front and Cinder is wandering around and pacing the fence again. Ash is zooming around and climbing the fencing, lol. They are so precious! Love them! 🙂

I wish everyone a wonderful day!
Warm wishes, Kristine Metzner

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