August 27, 2018

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Big Cat Updates

Simba has been cleared to have paper enrichment, and he LOVES it!

Andy's biopsy results came back. The mass in his chest was lymphoma (cancer) and non-operable. The mass on his tail was skin cancer and unrelated to the mass in his chest.

Natalia is still really loving her FunCation.

Cameron and Zabu are enjoying their extra week of vacation.  Be sure to watch the live webcam at

Facebook Fundraisers - JUST WOW!!

I am absolutely floored and in complete AWE!!  EVERYONE at Big Cat Rescue wants to extend a very HEARTFELT PURR-sonal THANK YOU to the 230 individuals who had Facebook Fundraiser close in July.  YOUR Facebook fundraiser raised a combined total $26,532 for the cats!! That is more than DOUBLE last July's numbers!  YOUR SHARES made this happen!!

If you want to do a Facebook Fundraiser for your favorite cat or cats at Big Cat Rescue here is a link that shows you how simple it is to set one up.  Facebook collects the money and pays the sanctuary.  All you have to do is set it up and share it on your wall.  If you need photos LaWanna is happy to help you with that.  Learn how to do one of these yourself at

All together in July 2018 between the above mentioned 230 Facebook fundraisers, plus the donations made on videos and through the donate button YOU ALL raised $51,746 for the cats care during July 2018.

Foster Kitten News

Some of you missed this news so it is being reposted.

August 17, 2018:  Barney, the little kitten that broke his toe, has found his forever home!

The kittens that were positive for ringworm all tested negative!!! Thank you to everyone who worked so hard with them. Since they are getting so big and the Humane Society is doing a "Clear the Shelter" day tomorrow, I will be taking all 9 back on Sunday. There will be plenty of room in the newly cleared shelter and hopefully they will be adopted quickly, even though they are a bit bigger. Melina and Morty already have a potential adopter that wants to take them together.

August 24, 2018:   The following kittens have been adopted!

  • Matilda
  • Melina
  • Mikey
  • Morty
  • Murry
  • Sugar

The following kittens are still waiting & and hoping to find their own furever families.

  • Melissa
  • Zuki
  • Mischief
  • Mongo

Recent Coordinator Reports

August 25, 2018 - Angie Gabor: We had a perfect amount of volunteers today. Cleaning was a team event with Big Cat cleaners helping Little Cat cleaners. Yay ? for teamwork!!!  We had lots of tours and we missed the rain for all of them.

Keeper Andrew did an awesome job filling in the floor in one of the dens for the Cougar Trio. His work was fully supervised and inspected by Ares, Artemis and Orion.

Keeper Andrew

Keeper Andrew

Cougars inspecting the work

Cougars inspecting the work

SIDE NOTES:  It should be noted that the Cougars were locked out of this area will Andrew worked.  The bottoms of the dens have wire on them to prevent at digging out.  However, for the cats' comfort and safety we keep a thick layer of fresh clean sand in the dens year round.  From time to time that sand needs replaced.  Adding straw when the weather turns chilly in the winter.  These are one of those expenses that people usually do not think about when thinking of the costs involved in running a sanctuary.

August 24, 2018 - Afton Tasler:  Steph and I knocked out food prep again this afternoon and got it done in no time! Everything on the cleaning slab was cleaned and put away. I swept and mopped the recovery hospital. Alec passed his walking test today, so now all interns are free to walk about the property on their own.

SIDE NOTES:  What is Foor prep?  Each day meat is taken from the freezer and put in the walk-in cooler to safely thaw for the next morning's meals.  Each cat's diet is set by the vet and is based on the nutritional and medical needs of each individual cat.   With around 70 cats meal prep takes quite a bit of time.  Since many of our cats are elderly they require special diets, some need their meat de-boned, some need their meat cut up in certain site pieces.  Each cat's meals are prepared and labeled so when the morning team comes in feeding the cats breakfast goes quickly and smoothly because we all know patience is not a virtue for most cats waiting for breakfast.

What is a "walking test?" Yes, Our interns and keepers know how to walk, LOL.  However, to safely walk around the sanctuary there is a lot to learn.  Certain areas of the sanctuary are off limits until you pas a class.  For example, you cannot be in the cougars' area unless you have passed those classes and training requirements.  Then to be in the area of the lions and tigers you have to pass even more classes and tests.  A new intern has to learn where the areas are and which ones they have or have not yet been trained to be in.  They also have to learn to watch the cats at all times so they do not get in reaching distance of a cat.  So a "walking test" means they have passed their class and have been supervised on the grounds and have now passed the supervision part of the test and are now cleared to walk alone in certain areas of the sanctuary.

August 23, 2018 - Lauren Grant:  The Tiger Lake cage next to Seth was worked on today. The roofed section was fully cleaned up.  Natalia's cage was completed on the inside and outside, except for scrubbing the platform.  Unfortunately, the day ended with having to say goodbye to our lovely boy Tonga.

Alexa and Big Cat Rescue!!

Our 3.0 version of the Alexa app was released to the wild a few days ago!

If you have an Alexa Echo Dot, Spot or Show, you can now find Big Cat when you search for skills on your app.  Enable the skill on your Alexa App and then just say, “Alexa, open big cat” and she will ask you if you want to hear about cubs, or if you want to hear the latest news, or if you want to hear a rescue story.

We also have a Daily Flash Briefing where you get a one-minute Keeper Report. To get this in your daily news briefing just open the Alexa app and then

  • Click Settings
  • Scroll down to and click Flash Briefing
  • Click: Get more Flash Briefing content
  • then search: Big Cat Briefing
  • Add that to your briefing and you will get a quick report from me (Carole) every day that catches you up on the news.

Those one-minute daily Flash Briefings contain the coordinator reports and more.  They are available daily as video or audio on Alexa Flash Briefing on your Alexa devices or you can also find them on YouTube at Below is a sample of one of the BigCatNews Flash Briefing videos.

Did you know?  You can also make a donation to Big Cat Rescue directly through your Alexa enabled device.  You can even donate as little as $5 through you Alexa device.   Simply say, "Alexa, make a donation to Big Cat Rescue."  The Alexa will walk you through that quick easy process.

Just say, "Alex, make a donation to Big Cat Rescue."

Just say, "Alex, make a donation to Big Cat Rescue."


If you are like me, you often forget something you really needed on a trip.  I created a free app for Alexa called Travel Checklist.  Just go to Alexa and say, “Open Travel Checklist” to have us walk you through what you are packing to make sure you don’t forget anything.

QUESTION For Alexa Users

For those of you with Alexa Devices, would you be interested in having some fun with Alexa such as "Guess Which Cat" or "Species Facts" or other similar things?  Please let us know in the comment son this page.

Don't Have Alexa?

If you don't have an Alexa sign up at, choose Big Cat Rescue as your chosen charity and then search for Alexa.

Help Us Save Hundreds of Dollars Per Year

Volunteer Andrew Sardone has converted our tour vox boxes to be rechargeable.  This will not only save the sanctuary hundreds of dollars every year but will also help save the environment from having lots of batteries being discarded.  To complete this project he needed 360 rechargeable batteries.  Some of you leaped into action right away and he received about 200 batteries.  He still needs at least another 100 of these rechargeable batteries.

These batteries are available in single packs or packs of 24.  Below is a screenshot.  Here is the link to our Amazon wish list, in case you are able to send any of these batteries for Andrew's project.

Hutch Serval on CNN

Recently, when a serval was seen wondering a residential neighborhood a news station did a story about it.  they spoke with Big Cat Rescue about what servals are and even ran some video footage of Hutch Serval.

Check it out at

Big Cat Rescue Units

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Big Cat Rescue and the issues facing big cats?  Well, if you answer is yes then here is something you might enjoy.  Brand New Facebook Units.  We have taken some of BCR's web pages and broken them down into Units which basically means each subject has been broken down into smaller sections an posted as Facebook posts.

On the individual posts inside each unit, there is an "I'm Done" button.  This lets you keep track of your progress as you go through the Facebook posts.  Some of the units even have fun little quizzes at the end so you can have fun testing your knowledge.

Get familiar with this Big Cat Rescue Units project because after we get a few more units posted we will be having prize drawings from viewers who have done all the units!!!

Here is the link, Pounce on over there get started so you won't be left out in a few weeks when we start the drawings.


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