August 28 2017

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Big Cat Updates

WOOHOO!  Happy News!!!  Divinity ate well last night and took her PM meds like a good girl.  She then wanted more food, of which she was given.  This is very exciting for all of us.

Will is doing well.

Angie’s Coordinator Report for Sunday, August 27, 2017

It was a rainy day, but a productive one. Lots of volunteers came in to help today.

Projects done:

  • Kali’s enclosure was finished
  • Sundari’s enclosure is almost finished. There is a note from Sarah on what is left to finish.

Everyone had a good time today even with the rain. Some of us had a good time watching Seth play peek a boo with MaryLou.

ACTION ALERT – Time is Running Out!!!

HAVE YOU SHOWN YOUR CLAWS? The Florida Panther is in a heated cat fight and needs your help by August 29th!

Last month the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that they would conduct a review the Florida panther’s protective status. This iconic species is currently listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act but developers, ranchers, and hunters are challenging federal officials to down list or completely remove the panther’s protective status – potentially setting the stage for a panther trophy hunt in the near future!

Road kills, habitat loss, and development in panther range continue to be threats. Dozens of applications for developments, mines, and other projects are currently being considered in panther habitat. In fact, a development plan that would build a city the size of Washington D.C. in the heart of panther territory in currently under review! With as little as 120 cats left in the state, the Florida panther must stay protected!

This is a serious threat to the future of the Florida panther and the results of this review will have far reaching implications. Tell wildlife officials to keep their paws off the Florida panther’s protective status and to not mess with their recovery goals. This is a battle for one of Florida’s most beloved species and we still need you to join the fight!


ClipArt film Facebook Video Replays


Get outdoors and take a play break with the big cats. Watch more at

Seth Tiger takes a bath on this lazy Sunday. Watch more at

Sunday Evening Walkabout


Tigers swim and play in their own lakeside habitat at Big Cat Rescue. Watch more at

The vet is here today and Carole tells you why.

Chaos and Cyrus Caracal were only together a couple of days before she started limping. The vet is trying to figure out why. You can keep watching LIVE at

X-Ray Room – Chaos and Cyrus Caracal were only together a couple of days before she started limping. The vet is trying to figure out why. You can keep watching LIVE at

Chaos and Cyrus Caracal were only together a couple of days before she started limping. The vet is trying to figure out why. You can keep watching LIVE at

Ginger Serval was on the observation chart for a swelling on her face yesterday so the vet is here to see why.

 Upcoming Labor Day Shopping

If anyone is going to be doing any Labor Day shopping on Amazon, did YOU KNOW if you sign up for Amazon’s Smile program you are shopping the exact same Amazon, same products, same everything except, Amazon lets you choose a charity and then when you go to your Amazon account through this link the cats will get a donation from Amazon.  It won’t cost you a single penny extra.

Learn about the Amazon Smile program and even see screenshots.

Be sure to save this link and go to Amazon through that link so Amazon will make a donation from your Labor Day Amazon purr-chases to the cats at Big Cat Rescue.

ClipArt Cub in a cape Keeper Corner

NEWS!! —> Keeper Sarah Ballentine is leaving this month to pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian. Keepers, volunteers, staff, and interns are gathering at the Party House on Saturday 2nd of September so everyone can have a chance to wish her the best of luck on this next adventure. Quite a few of the photos and ‘cat moments’ you all have enjoyed on BCR social media pages came from Sarah B. If you would like to drop her emails to say goodbye and wish her well on her next adventure. Email them to me at and I will forward them immediately to her.

Keeper Brittany Mira: Thurston Bobcat – post nap sleepy face
Thurston Bobcat - post nap sleepy face

Keeper Brittany Mira: Zucari Serval has such a baby face
Zucari Serval has such a baby face

 What Can You Do to Save the Florida Panther?

Posting this again today because YOU NEED TO SEE IT.

 Honey’s Gift Shop Corner

Honey is our gift shop manger.  She is also a master keeper, and helps with the hospital cats.  She has been here for a very long time.  Se sends out a note to the partners (volunteers who work in the gift shop).  Carole thought, since you all like seeing behind the scenes, you might be interested in Honey’s notes.

Hi Gang,

There are some yellow staff shirts that need to go to the small storage shed and be hung up with the other staff shirts. There are also some kids tees in the ecenter in the room on the right that need to be hung up.

We will be getting several boxes for me, most of them are for the new gift shop or the existing one. Please stack them up in the breakroom and I will come by after food prep to see what is there.

There will be no coke delivery this week, however the new counters for the new gift shop will arrive on Tuesday. They need to be offloaded onto the porch of the new gift shop so that they don’t get rained on before they are put together.

There should be lots of thank yous since Susan Alabed was in to help Chelsea on Sunday, please check and send them out.

After we close on Wednesday we will need to remove items from the wall where the two buildings are going to join so that Victor can knock out part of the wall on Thursday. We are getting very close to being able to move storage items into the new gift shop so please keep in mind that we can use help with that. We will have several Thursday projects for the new gift shop.

Thanks for all of your hard work. See you Wednesday.  Have a great day.

For the Cats,

Honey Wayton
Master Keeper/ Gift Shop Manager

 Win A Big Cat Rescue Supporter Band

 Show the world that you support Big Cat Rescue by wearing one a Big Cat Rescue awareness bracelet. Band is black with the BCR tiger, paw prints, and the words Big Cat Rescue in white.

Show the world that you support Big Cat Rescue by wearing one a Big Cat Rescue awareness bracelet. Band is black with the BCR tiger, paw prints, and the words Big Cat Rescue in white.

How to Win: Make the Call of the Wild at Each day that you make the Call of the Wild Carole is notified and at the end of every day, Carole will run a randomizer to pick one winner every day. It is important that when you make the Call of the Wild that you use you accurate address because that is the address that Keeper Lauren will then mail a Big Cat Rescue Supporter Wrist Band to the daily winner.

Note about Security: When you input your name and address at https://BigCatAct.comit is a secure system. The system uses your address to connect you with the lawmaker for your area. We NEVER share your information with any third parties, ever!

Recent Winners:

  • August 26, 2017 Michele P.
  • August 27, 2017 Jenna N.
  • August 28, 2017

If you do not know what the Call of the Wild is check out the info at:

Make the Call of the Wild at

Note of Clarification: Every day that YOU make the Call of the Wild your name is added to the drawing pool. Each day one name is drawn from that pool. The more days you make the call, the more times your name is in the drawing pool.

Viewer Pix

Big Cat Friend Deb Quimby: Seth and Andy relaxing on this Caturday morning! Love Seths reflection in Tiger Lake!

Big Cat Friend Shawndi sent in some photo to share with all of you.


 TJ Memorial Photo Book Update

Thank you, Tracey for asking me to add this to Big Cat Updates.

The first time I submitted it to the publisher they said some my photos were not high resolution enough. So, I worked on it some more and made higher resolution cuts of all the photos and removed the photos that I didn’t have higher resolution copies of and found others to replace those. I re-submitted a couple days ago and they said some of my text was too close to the page edge and might be cut off during printing, so I am now in the process of going through resizing everything, this time being more careful to check margin sizes.

This is the first book I did in a format for printing and it has been a little harder that anticipated. The delay is entirely my fault and BCR is not at fault at all. It is a case of me getting excited, starting a project thinking I knew how to do it and then learning some embarrassing lessons along the way.

 Viewer Videos From

Gorgeous Kali sitting on platform, VR August 27

Seth swimming, TL August 27

Precious Coop, BR August 27

Good Morning Coop! BR August 27

Andy and Seth having fun on a Saturday morning, TL August 26

Seth relaxing in the lake, TL August 26

Kali enjoying her Saturday in vacation, VR August 26

Kali loves the blue barrel, VR August 26

Andy in the lake, playing with a stick and Seth join him, TL August 25

 Quick Links

As per viewer suggestions, Quick Links now has it’s very own page

Bookmarking it will help you find things quickly.  That will come in handy for:

  • Helping us answer questions on social media
  • Finding answers to some of Carole’s Facebook Live questions

 WANTED – Graphic Artists

Carole is looking for a graphic artist who really gets what we are all about and would would like to help us with some graphics for shirts.  If that is you or if you know someone like that, please have them email Carole at


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