August 3 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Kathyrn Stapleton’s Coordinator Report for Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Weeded and mowed Rehab enclosures.

Joseph is locked in the cage next to Zeus so we can mow the enclosure by the barn and install a platform over the weekend. WOOHOO, NEW PLATFORM!

Rearranged the freezers to make room for a mush delivery.

Got a red meat delivery and a chicken delivery.

Annual appeal letters are done!

Several Interns helped in the new gift shop. Ask Victor if he needs help if you have extra interns.

Picky cats ate ok.

It rained most of the afternoon.

Priya Tiger is in the Vacation Rotation enclosure, but we do not yet know when the cam will be back up.


We are asking YOU to comment on an article &/or email the reporter who wrote the article.  Comments on articles can help teach the reporter and teach the public, who reads the article, why they should not participate in nor glorify cub petting schemes.  Your words are powerful tools so use your words to changes minds and hearts by teaching those who do not know there is a dark side to the cub pay to play schemes. Use your comments to teach others and they will go away remembering what you said while merely spouting anger in comments will do nothing to change people’s view of the issues. Your words are tools, use them well.

Zootastic Park, a deplorable roadside zoo in North Carolina, is touting its new 6-week-old tiger cub Stella. She is being exploited for hands-on cub petting encounters for $100 for “up to 5 people at a time.” Please POLITELY comment in the article’s comment section that big cat lovers don’t want to see cubs bred to be used as photo props.

Watch our undercover Zootastic video from last year of a white cub with ringworm.

Here is a liger cub with what we believe was severe mange.

More photos and important info about that place can be found at

Besides commenting on the article linked below you can also email the reporter who wrote the article.  The link for that is below as well.  HOWEVER, Please remember, Kindness TEACHES, Rudeness does not!  Reporters are just people, too.  They sometimes report on cub pay to play schemes because they see cute cubs and they love big cats but honestly just do not understand there is a dark side to those cub pay to play schemes, because no one has ever taken the time to point it out to them.  KIND, educational emails can help change a reporter’s perspective of an issue.  Rude, nasty emails will only get ignored or can even set a reporter’s mind completely against seeing your view of an issue.

If these kinds of issues make you angry there really are things you can do that can actually make a difference.  Instead of just spouting angry comments on social media (which only serves to make you feel better by venting but does nothing to change the bigger issue), PLEASE PLEASE take an action that will truly make a difference. Help us pass the Big Cat Public Safety Act! Taking the right action can make a difference!!  YOU can make a difference. It is quick, easy, and free.  There are short step by step instructions at

Here is the article to comment on:

Here is the email address for the reporter Shawn Taylor at

If you are not sure what to comment, or how to say it in a teaching manner, go to and get info from there. Copy/pasting is even okay. Just remember, your comments should be KIND and result in TEACHING others. Comments that are rude or just spouting anger do not teach anyone what they need to know.

Also, make the Call of the Wild at, yourself, so you can encourage others to make that call by telling them how easy and quick that important action was.

Note to Viewers:  Some people call every week, which really does make a bigger impact.  If you are part of a club or group, please talk to other members about setting a specific day of the week to challenge each other to make the Call of the Wild, every single week!  Remind each other and encourage each other to make that call and to keep making that call. Have you heard the old saying, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease,” well the same holds true here?  Encourage your family, friends, club, or group to be an army or squeaky wheels.

Please make the Call of the Wild at  Making it on a weekly basis will really help.

 What is the Call of the Wild and what makes it so important?  This link explains that in great detail:

 Big Cat Public Safety Act Update

The Big Cat & Public Safety Act now has 73 Co-Sponsors, THANKS to YOUR actions at

YOUR CALLS ARE Making A Difference!!!

7 Co-Sponsors added in March 2017

45 Co-Sponsors added in May 2017

13 Co-Sponsors added in June 2017

8  Co-Sponsors Added in July 2017

ClipArt film Facebook Live Video Replays

Rescued kittens play and heal while they wait for their forever homes. Watch more at

Wildcat Walkabout

It’s early, but please mark your calendars to join us for our 25th Anniversary Party and Wildcat Walkabout on Nov. 4.  Get more info at

Staff Changes

After 20 years of incredible service Barbara Stairs, despite being so young, has decided to finally retire. I see grandchildren getting lots of attention in the future!

Gale, who prior to coming to BCR worked in the accounting field, has agreed to initially take over Barbara’s duties and then, once settled into that, take over the Chief Financial Officer portion of Carole’s duties and become our official CFO. This will free Carole up to spend more time on our advocacy work, particularly the federal bill. 🙂

Kathryn has agreed to replace Gale as Operations Manager, a transition we expect to be quick and easy given Kathryn’s long history here and wealth of knowledge.

Last but by no means least, volunteer Barbara Nicholas will become staff and take over Kathryn’s current position of Director of Donor Appreciation. Barbara is traveling but will return Aug 10 to begin her new duties.

Keeper Corner

Keeper Afton:  There’s nothing like a good morning shower to get your day going!
-Zeus tiger

Dr. Justin Boorstein:  Scary Tiger Claw

Dr. Justin Boorstein:  People often ask is a tiger’s tongue is rough.  Yes, their tongues are rough.  Check this out.

Keeper Afton: Apache has a hard time grooming with his old age, so Kathryn and I have been working on helping him out. He LOVES it!! Just look at his back leg when you hit the right spot! Lol

Dr. Justin Boorstein:  It’s hard to examine your patients when they don’t like you very much!

Intern Tory Wright – Operant Conditioning:  Andre, Arthur, Apollo, Smalls, Nala, & Gilligan

Intern Tory Wright:  Amanda, Andre, & Arthur

S.A.V.E Award June 2017

Scratch’s Award for Volunteer Excellence, the SAVE Award

For outstanding volunteer service, the June SAVE Award goes to Stephanie Witherspoon! Stephanie is very responsible, knowledgeable about the cats and procedures and has an easy-going and fun attitude. She is often paired with a brand new keeper trainee or intern because she does a fantastic job of training. Stephanie is eager to pick up sticks and do food prep when she can stay a bit longer and that is always appreciated!

A donation of $1000 has been made in your honor to the Felidae Conservation Fund to save the Jaguarundi.

More about the project: The Jaguarundi is considered a generalist predator and occupies a broad spectrum of low-altitude habitats. The scarcity of information on Jaguarundis is a reason of concern, and a recent review of the available data suggests that frequently its population densities may be lower than traditionally believed. The number of studies on Jaguarundi ecology is limited and even some basic aspects of its biology are still little known. In particular, although the available information suggest that this cat is able to adapt to fragmented and altered landscapes, it is unclear how habitat loss and fragmentation affect Jaguarundis. Thus further studies are essential to clarify its conservation.

This project aims to start filling this gap in knowledge of the Jaguarundi, specifically in Argentina. Although little information is available on the felid communities of Argentina, in some regions Jaguarundis appear to be relatively abundant. Based on that information, this study focuses on two regions; Dry Chaco and the Lowland Yungas. Both ecoregions have been heavily modified by anthropogenic activities in the last decades, but in some areas they may still harbor a great diversity of small cat species, including Jaguarundis.

Although the long-term goal of this project is to carry out a comprehensive conservation biology study of the Jaguarundi, The initial objectives are:

1. Identify a promising study site for the long-term study of Jaguarundis and its interactions
with the other members of the carnivore guild.

2. Produce novel information on habitat use and activity patterns of the carnivore guild of two little studied areas across a gradient of anthropogenic alteration of natural habitats.

3. Study the overlap in habitat association and activity patterns between these carnivores.

4. Provide training opportunities on carnivore field study for graduate students.

 Bobcat Rehab Update

Jamie Veronica: Cooper is a little trouble maker for sure. He’s constantly messing with the sheets that cover his cage, trying to get the camera, and making it difficult for his keepers to shift him. Cooper just tested negative for the hookworm parasites so he can go to the outdoor rehab enclosures where he will be much happier.

Cooper is a little trouble maker for sure. He's constantly messing with the sheets that cover his cage, trying to get the camera, and making it difficult for his keepers to shift him. Hopefully he will be negative for parasites soon so he can go to the outdoor rehab enclosures where he will be much happier.

Learn more about little Cooper at  Cooper’s live web cam is there as well.

Note to Viewers:  As you watch Cooper Bobcat’s live web cam if you can any cute short video clips or cute snapshots of him, please send them (of their links) to so we can keep Cooper’s page updated.

Viewer Pix

Viewer Tammy Ameis:  This girl is cracking me up, pouring down rain and refuses to go in her den….look at her angry rain face, even showing some teeth ROFL!!!!

Viewer Rob Rager:  Based on an earlier pic I took, of Andy. Big Cat Rescue
Tiger Lake Cam

Based on an earlier pic I took, of Andy. Big Cat Rescue Tiger Lake Cam

Viewer Diane Buckler:  Happy Birthday, Seth!

Viewer Rob Rager:  Seth Tiger, “This is me, actin’ all tiger-like, lurkin’ in the jungle, n’ stuff!”
Tiger Lake Cam

Viewer Kathryn Caswell: Finally I caught His Majesty at his camera talking to Afton lol boy was he talking! Funny part when he went back to his den he roared at the camera like be back later everyone!

 Viewer Videos From

Here is a list of YouTube channels that feature videos of the cats here:

 Quick Links

As per viewer suggestions, Quick Links now has it’s very own page

Bookmarking it will help you find things quickly.  That will come in handy for:

  • Helping us answer questions on social media
  • Finding answers to some of Carole’s Facebook Live questions

 WANTED – Graphic Artists

Carole is looking for a graphic artist who really gets what we are all about and would would like to help us with some graphics for shirts.  If that is you or if you know someone like that, please have them email Carole at

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