August 4 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Cooper will be going outside, soon because he has now tested clear for hook worms.  Learn more about Cooper at

Mickey is doing very well.  After we had to say goodbye to our beloved Aspen Cougar her we opened the tunnel between her and Mickey.  Mickey now her Aspen echos’s cages as well giving him about 3,600 sq ft of space.  He hobbles around and uses most of it.  It is great to see him checking out his new territory.

Joseph’s platform is now funded and will be built very soon.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the donations specified for that project.

 Fun Contest For Viewers in America

We are going to do contest for the month of August 2017.

EACH DAY that YOU make a video of yourself making the Call of the Wild and then post that video on your name goes into a drawing.  Or, you can post it on your own Facebook page and tag us so that it shows up on our Facebook page.

August 31st we will draw out two names.  The videos do not have to perfect or polished.  They are just a simple selfie video of you making the Call of the Wild.  Those two winners can choose a prize.  Prize choices are:

The purpose of this project/contest is so that other viewers can see how easy it is to make the Call of the Wild at

Question to Viewers:  How many of you would be interested in purr-ticipating in this contest?

Here is a 2009 video of Carole making a call about a past bill we were working on.  This will give you a general idea of what we are looking for.

Question For Viewers:  Somewhere, Viewer Crystal , made a selfie video making the Call of the Wild, but I have searched and searched and cannot find it.  If anyone has the link for that please email it to me at

Keep your drinks cool/hot in this tiger tumbler. Look closely and you can learn a lot about tigers!!  Tumbler features a unique combination of words, phrases, and facts that make up the image of a tiger face. Big Cat Rescue Tampa Florida appears below image. 16 oz tumbler is clear with a double insulated wall, removable lid , Dishwasher safe, and made in the USA.

Facebook Live Video Replays

Watch our big cats LIVE any time at

Keeper Corner

Keeper Desmond Fowles:  This does not look comfortable. But is for her.

Keeper Desmond Fowles:  Cameron, what are you thinking?

Keeper Brittany Mira was promoted to Green Level, Senior Keeper.  Here is what she had to say, “Look who went green today! Of course I went right out to Joseph and told him the good news… he is super thrilled in the background, obviously ????”

Keeper Afton:  Evening chat with Reise.

Photo by Diane Helene: Afton giving Zeus a lil bath?

Keeper Desmond Fowles: Jade and Armani resting on a very hot day.  Both sisters had the same idea. Not very ladylike. But who cares.?????.

Keeper Brittany Mira: Moses has the prettiest coat ever!

Keeper Barbara Nicholas: Silly Brittany, Moses has the most HANDSOME coat ever!

Keeper Desmond Fowles:  Jade and Armani looking for someone with treats.

Keeper Desmond Fowles:  We better get up and look hungry!

Keeper Marie Schoubert:  Sundari Leopard is enjoying her nap, maybe dreaming of a ‘cicle that is coming very soon.

Sundari Leopard is enjoying her nap, maybe dreaming of a 'cicle that is coming very soon. ~Keeper Marie Schoubert

 Foster Kitten Program

Intern House, Puma Pad cares for foster momma cat Maya.  Her kittens who are now old enough to be drinking water.  Karma lowered the bowl for them to more easily reach it, and put out an additional bowl that shouldn’t tip on the floor.  Dory and Rajah can return to the Kitten Cabana.  Meeko is not ready for the Kitten Cabana, yet.

Intern House, Himalayan cares for foster kitten, Tess, who is ready to begin going back to the Kitten Cabana.

You can watch the kittens every day on the Kitten Cabana live web cam link.  Find that link at

Viewer Susan4Cats on chat captured this adorable snapshot.


Viewer Susann Mesna got a cute clip of the foster kitten playing.

People Often Ask

People Often Ask:  Why do the bad guys target Big Cat Rescue, and Carole, so much more than they do other accredited sanctuaries?

The mission of most sanctuaries is focused, for the most part on caring for their animals, while educating those they come in contact with, and some public educational outreach.   Big Cat Rescue not only focuses on caring for the cats here but puts enormous time, effort and resources into solving the problems that cause so many cats to need sanctuaries.  Big Cat Rescue focuses heavily on ending abuse and exploitation of the thousands of cats we cannot house. We do this by exposing the bad guys, very actively reaching out to educate the general public on the abuse and exploitation issues, encouraging them to join the efforts of educating everyone they can, and we very actively lead the effort to pass new laws to ban private ownership of big cats and make illegal things like the cub pay to play schemes.

In summary the bad guys come after Big Cat Rescue with everything they can dream up because we are making a difference.  The public’s view of cub petting schemes, cub photo schemes, roadside pseudo zoos, private ownership of big cats, etc are changing.  The more people who learn about the cub pay to play schemes and the more people who learn about harm caused by the exotic pet trade means not only are fewer people giving money to the bad guys but the bad guys can see more and more people are joining us in speaking out against the very things they are doing with big cats and their babies.  Because of that the bad guys can also see how much closer we are to getting the Big Cat and Public Safety Act being passed into law.  That scares and infuriates them because when that law passes many of the things they now do will become illegal.

Because of those things, the bad guys go to extreme to dream up all kinds of garbage and put great efforts into spreading it around in hopes of either intimidating us, intimidating our online supporters, shutting us up, or tarnishing our reputation so that people will not listen to our message.

Being a leader in the fight to stop the abuse puts a target on the back of Big Cat Rescue and its Founder. The people who make money exhibiting big cats and selfishly wanting to own them as pets have no arguments that resonate with the public to justify their greed and selfishness. The only defense they can come up with is to try to discredit Big Cat Rescue online by posting lies. The fact that so much time and energy is put into their efforts to trash BCR is a testimony to the fact that we are being EFFECTIVE! If we were not, would they spend the time?

Learn more about this at

Tower of Tracks Cat Toy Supporting Cat Rescue

Cats and kitten seen to love these ball toys.

The STARS Award

Stars Prize: Each month volunteers who dedicate 25% over their minimum hourly requirements are put into a pool from which one partner and one keeper is randomly selected to win a prize. The prize for this year will be a paw painting from one of the cats.

May Keeper – Lynda Licht
May Partner – Sherry Levesque
June Keeper – Mary Gagliordi
June Partner – Holly Tift

TJ Book Update

Book is with the first proof reader, she found a big handful of typos I made.  Will begin tonight correcting those.  Once that s done, the book files will go to Honey, our gift shop manager, for final proof reading.  Should be off to the publisher soon.  Will keep you updated on when to expect delivery.

 BCR Website Updates

New Pages

Updated Pages

 Viewer Pix

Viewer Donna Morefield:  I got some pics of Nikita being a little frisky this morning. She is feeling better!

Viewer Donna Morefield:  Andy McDreamy and Seth McSteamy

 Viewer Videos From

Here is a list of YouTube channels that feature videos of the cats here:

 Quick Links

As per viewer suggestions, Quick Links now has it’s very own page

Bookmarking it will help you find things quickly.  That will come in handy for:

  • Helping us answer questions on social media
  • Finding answers to some of Carole’s Facebook Live questions

 WANTED – Graphic Artists

Carole is looking for a graphic artist who really gets what we are all about and would would like to help us with some graphics for shirts.  If that is you or if you know someone like that, please have them email Carole at


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