August 5 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Hoover now has access to the first two cages in Tiger Row.

Cooper has been moved outside to the small end of the bobcat rehab enclosure.

Joseph’s Platform work has begun!  THANK YOU for donating to this project.

Cats on the Move

  • Gabby is back from vacation and now lives in the enclosure across from tiger row.
  • Priya went on vacation
  • Jade and Armani are back from FunCation
  • Joseph is locked over by Zeus so we can mow the enclosure by the barn and install a platform over the weekend.
  • The TX tigers have access to all enclosures starting by Cam & Zabu and ending right next to Zeus.


Through Facebook there is a program you can do personal fundraisers for the charity for your choice.  Several people have done, or are doing one for Big Cat Rescue.  L@@K at the results!!

L@@K What YOU have raised for the cats in the past four months through your Facebook Fundraisers.

In April 13 people did Facebook fundraisers which generated $1,665 which feeds the cats for approximately one day.  In May 45 people did Facebook fundraisers which generated $5,017 which feeds the cats for approximately three days.  In June 58 people did Facebook fundraisers which generated $7,336 which feeds the cats for approximately four and a half days.  In July 80 people did Facebook fundraisers which generated $10,163 which feeds the cats for approximately six days.

Between April and July, YOU raised enough in those four months to feed the cats for approximately TWO WEEKS!!  That is AMAZING, SUPER AMAZING!!!!  THANK YOU!!!

It takes ongoing efforts, year round, to keep the sanctuary funded. To meet our annual budget it takes multiple avenues of income such as donations, tour fees, gift shop sales, investments, YouTube, and Facebook, etc.  We have been thrilled with the steady increase in the income that you are generating for the cats through Facebook.  YOU all are making that happen.  THANK YOU, Everyone!!!!

When we feed out 500 pounds of quality meat every day, 365 days a year, and hand out meds daily, etc these Facebook fundraisers and birthday fundraisers really do help, A WHOLE LOT!!

Did You Know?  Here at Big Cat Rescue, literally 100% of your donations are spent directly ON THE CATS!!! We are able to adhere to that strict policy because the other sanctuary expenses, administrative expenses, salaries etc come out of tour fees and other sources of income. We are extremely serious about donations being used JUST FOR THE CATS!

Because of adhering to that strict policy regarding donations, and all of the other ways Big Cat Rescue is transparent in our operations, we have earned Charity Navigator‘s highest 4-star rating for “sound fiscal management and commitment to accountability and transparency” EVERY YEAR since we were first evaluated by them in 2010.  Exciting:  Per their rating letter “Only 7% of the charities we rate have received at least 4 consecutive 4-star evaluations and we have done it for 6 consecutive years.

How to create a Facebook Fundraiser:

  1. Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your personal Facebook News Feed
  2. Click the blue button that says “Raise Money”
  3. Click the blue button that says “Get Started”
  4. Select Nonprofit
  5. Search for us in that list that pops up
  6. That fills in basic information for you, but you can customize that.
  7. Choose a cover photo (ask us for one if you’d like)
  8. Fill in the fundraiser details
  9. Click Create

If you would like to see these steps in picture screenshots go to:


Facebook now allows Carole to run 15 second commercials during her Walkabout videos IF at lease 300 people are watching the video.  When you all share those live videos, while Carole is doing them, it increases viewership which is helping not only to reach more people to teach but it is also increasing the funds generated from the new commercial breaks.  When YOU are active on the live videos like sharing and commenting then Facebook is encouraged to show the videos in more people’s feeds.

Note to Viewers:  We are depending on all of you to keep us informed about the commercials, if they are giving appropriate content.  Carole cannot see the commercial and it seems that not everyone is seeing the same commercial.  With that in mind, please keep us informed as to how the commercials are on your end.

Keeper Corner

Jamie Veronica:  Enrichment fun for Mary Ann the bobcat!

Enrichment fun for Mary Ann the bobcat

Keeper Desmond Fowles:  Max and Maryanne bobcats spooning.  They were both trying to rub on a spice bag that you can see by Max’s paw.

Keeper Afton:  Max and Mary Ann were feeling playful after yesterday’s ball pit enrichment. Catnip may have been involved!!

clipart lynx leaping Bobcat Rehab News

Cooper’s first night outside went well.  He hid, and investigated, , got brave, got scared, etc.   Cooper is still in the smaller section of the rehab cage.  Soon he will have access to the bigger cage.  We need to watch him for a bit in the little cage, first. Here is a photo of him from this morning.  Look about halfway down from the top and about a third of the way from the left to see him sitting on his platform.

Photo taken on the cam by Deb Quimby

Cooper has his very own page and we are going to try to keep it updated so you can follow his story as he progressing toward his eventual release.  As you watch his live cams if you get really cute photos or video clips of him please send them to so his page can stay as current as possible.

Facebook Live Video Replays

Cooper gets to go outside to the big Rehab cage.

Cats & Things you will see:  Driving through one of the tour paths, walkway over Tiger Lake, Cooper’s hospital cage, Keepers getting Cooper ready to go outside, chatted with a senior keeper, Seth Tiger by the lake, new gift shop construction, the back path going from the hospital area to the new rehab center, the rehab cage Cooper was moved to, see Cooper turned out into the rehab cage, view across the lake, Cage work area, Seth Tiger in the roofed section, Nabisco Bobcat getting a little enrichment goodie, Apollo, Apache, Keeper Lynda, Nala Serval on her Coolaroo bed, Tonga a white serval, Ginger Serval, Sundari Leopard, Gabrielle Tiger did a painting, Saying goodbye to special interns, Keisha Tiger, Hoover in his den, One of the cougar ‘cubs,’ Victor fixing a weed whacker, Joseph eating in the lockout, Zeus Tiger getting dinner and getting eye drops, Zeus eating and chuffing, Keeper Lynda trying to coax Joseph to eat more becuse he did not eat all of his dinner, etc.

Things talked about:  Cooper, Joseph’s platform update, Seth’s rescue, bracelets, Facebook income, Apache’s mat removal, Why white servals would not survive in the wild, Zeus’ eye, Carole’s leg, Trying to find the orphaned baby bobcat, & more.

I can’t find Carole’s bracelet.

What is the link to donate unwanted gift cards?

Are these cats kept in those cages all the time or are they allowed to roam the land?

  • Cats born and raised in captivity cannot be set free; here is why:
  • Here is a link to learn about how our cages are built in sections to give the cats maximum spcae and allow for safety in storms and allow for easier safer moving the cats around:
  • If you were talking about the inside cage that bobcat kitten, Cooper, was in that is just a hospital recovery cage.  He had to be inside until he was healthy enough to go outside.
  • We do rehab and release wild bobcats. Learn about that at
  • Learn more about Cooper at
  • Once Cooper completes his rehab successfully and is old enough to survive in the wild he will be released back into the wild because he was born in the wild.

How many web cams will Cooper have?

  • There are two back there.  One is working and one is not.

How about you visit with him multiple times a day until he is use to you and trusts you instead of terrorizing him?  

  • Cooper is a wild bobcat kitten.  If he is to be returned to the wild he should not become comfortable around humans because when he is returned to the wild coming up to humans can cause his death or human injury.  We are not trying to terrorize him; we are trying to not handle him like a pet because it is to his benefit to remain as wild as possible.  We want him to be able to live wild and free.  His best chance for survival in the wild is to not learn to be comfortable with or depend on humans.  We will never ever be mean to him but we do not want to get him accustomed to humans either.  It is for his own safety after he goes back to the wild.  PLEASE, learn more about our bobcat rehab program at and it will become more clear.

How many cats are at Big Cat Rescue?

  • Here is the list of all the cats here.  the list of sorted by species.  Click on the name of each cat to read their story.

What is the life span for big cats?

  • The life span varies from species to species.  Go to to get a list of wild cat species.  Click on any one of them to get more info about that species including life spans.

How much does it cost to feed the cats for a day?

  • We feed out about 500 pounds meat every day of the year.  Depending on fluctuating meat prices an estimate is about $1,600 per day.  It goes up or down from there depending on what kind of meat is used each cat and what the current prices are.

What happened to Zeus’ eye?

  • Zeus suffered from an eye injury before arriving here, that would later be diagnosed as a luxated lens. He had been this way for over a year (before coming here) and never received any treatment. Because Zeus was so malnourished upon his arrival we could not perform surgery until he had gained some weight and his overall health stabilized. Get full details at

Do the animals that have been there a long time seem to know their names?

  • Yes, they know their names but whether they respond to them or not depends on the cats and their mood of the day.

Wish I could donate but I did share!

  • Those shares are are extremely important, so are the likes and comments.  SO, THANK YOU!! We sincerely appreciate that!!

Could you check Zeus’s right shoulder for a lump?

  • Yes, the coordinator has looked at and documented it.  It has been logged on the observation sheets as well.  We have sent photos and videos to the vet.

Do Big Cats purr?

  • Rhonda, the largest cats that actually purr are cougars.

What are they feeding Zeus & Joseph?

Why does Joseph look skinny?

  • When animals, including humans, get old we lose muscle mass.  Our skin sags, our bones protrude and our gait slows.  We lose our teeth and our appetites.  In nature the old become prey as they lose their ability to hunt and fend for themselves.  In places that force cats to live together, the elderly are often killed by their cage mates and quietly disposed of, before the public shows up… if the public is allowed visitation at all.
  • At Big Cat Rescue our cats can live alone if they prefer, and most do.  That way they never have to fight for food or the right to survive.
  • Picky eaters, like Joseph, are given as much food as they will eat, multiple times a day. He is quite old.  We feed him all he wants to eat and try to coax him to eat as much as possible.
  • Learn more about this at

How old is Seth, Joseph, & Zeus?

  • Zeus is almost 21 – Date of birth 9/1/96
  • Seth is 11 – Date of birth 8/1/2006
  • Joseph will be 19 in a couple weeks – Date of birth 8/19/98

What about white lions?

Are there black tigers?

  • I have never seen one and have never seen any documented proof.

Is any part of Tiger Lake deep enough for the cats to swim without touching the bottom of the lake?

  • Yes, there are.

What is a ghillie suit?

  • It is a suit we wear when taking care of the rehab bobcats so they do not get used to be around humans.  Here is a photo of Keeper Honey wearing one. 

Has Nova been released yet?

  • Yes, Nova is back in the wild and doing well.  She has been spotted on the trail cams.

What did they put in the white pipe?

  • The white pipes run the length of the rehab cage.  When a rat is put in the bobcat has not idea where it will come out.  Therefore, he has to learn to hunt and catch his own food.  That will prepare him to return to the wild when he is big enough.  Learn more about this at

Is that the bobcat whose mom was hit by a car?

  • No, we were unable to find that one.  This is a different one.  This is Cooper. He was caught in someone’s chicken coop.

 Big Cat Rescue on Amazon

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Help rescue lions, tigers and other wild cats by wearing this beautiful blue and green, earthlike, Imperial Jasper beaded bracelet. 100% of the profits from each bracelet purchased goes directly to the care of the big cats and protecting tigers, lions, and other exotic cats in the wild. Stretch fit bracelet is 8″ and features 20 stunning Imperial Jasper beads that will remind you of this beautiful world we call home. It’s a daily reminder to focus on the beauty around you and inside so that you can heal yourself and heal the planet.

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Clipart lionVolunteer Hours

May = 3,488 volunteer hours contributed by 101 volunteers. That means volunteers collectively put in the same hours as more than 21 full time paid staff would have during that same time.
May = 3,501 intern hours contributed by 19 interns. That means interns collectively put in the same hours as more than 21 full time paid staff would have during that same time.

June = 3,384 volunteer hours contributed by 100 volunteers. That means volunteers collectively put in the same hours as more than 23 full time paid staff would have during that same time.
June = 4,647 intern hours contributed 19 interns. That means interns collectively put in the same hours as more than 29 full time paid staff would have during that same time.

If you look to any other animal sheltering type group you will find that they usually have dozens of paid staff if they have our level of income. Thanks to these amazing volunteers and interns we only have to pay about 15 staff members because THEY are doing all of the cat care and most of the guest relations. That means more of the money earned can go to the cats and to ending the abuses that cause so many big cats to be discarded.


Keeper Promotions

  • Charlee Miller has been promoted to Keepe
  • Sarah Copel has been promoted to Senior Keeper

Intern Promotions

  • Pierina Yengle has been promoted to Level 2 Intern
  • Aleesa Salcido has been promoted to Level 3 Intern
  • Melissa Evans has been promoted to Level 3 Intern

Facebook Live Contest

Here are some recent winners and items they chose.

Crystal Marrs chose Zabu’s Tote Bag:  Custom made tote. 100% spun polyester weather resistant fabric, dual handles 100% natural cotton bull denim, bag 15″ x 15″, made in America.

custom made tote. 100% spun polyester weather resistant fabric, dual handles 100% natural cotton bull denim, bag 15" x 15", made in America.

 Viewer Videos From

Here is a list of YouTube channels that feature videos of the cats here:

 Quick Links

As per viewer suggestions, Quick Links now has it’s very own page

Bookmarking it will help you find things quickly.  That will come in handy for:

  • Helping us answer questions on social media
  • Finding answers to some of Carole’s Facebook Live questions

 WANTED – Graphic Artists

Carole is looking for a graphic artist who really gets what we are all about and would would like to help us with some graphics for shirts.  If that is you or if you know someone like that, please have them email Carole at

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