August 9 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Smalls Bobcat caught a squirrel and would not let us retrieve it.  People often ask if we let the cats eat what they catch and we try NOT to let that happen because you just never know what kind of diseases, parasites or even poisons a wild animal could have ingested.  So, whenever the coordinator gets that radio call: "Coordinator check to Smalls" they will bring an array of temptations to bargain with the cat.  Usually the cat is quite happy to trade in what they caught for something yummy in the bucket, but other times the cat just says, "You're going to have to do better than that, if you want to trade."

Interns live here on the property.  After a long hot day of caring for big cats they take the foster kittens home with them at night.  Last night, some of the interns were given different room assignments to make caring for the foster kittens more efficient.  What dedication these amazing selfless young adults have for the work they do for the big cats and caring for the little domestic foster kittens.  They uprooted themselves, packed up their rooms, so they could trade rooms to make caring for foster kittens more streamlined.  They did this with smiles on their faces.  This is just one more reason why we call our interns, "Angels In Blue!"  Learn more about becoming and intern here:

clipart lynx leaping HEADS UP!

Tonight the live web cams in Vacation Rotation and Bobcat Rehab will have infra red lights so you can watch the cats at night. It may be a few days for Tiger Lake's new infra red lights to be active.

Can FISH Help Big Cats?

You know how annoying mosquitos are and if you watch our Facebook LIVE walkabouts, you know that a lot of the big cats suffer seasonal allergies due to mosquito bites. Huge shout out to Melanie D. who recommended Mosquito Fish to put a permanent end to the suffering of the cats and their keepers.

Hillsborough County has a program for homeowners where they give away a small number of fish, but when I called and explained that we are dealing with an 18 acre lake, a pond in Vacation Rotation and nearby swamps, they said I needed to go straight to the farmer they get theirs from.

I contacted him and he didn't know how many fish it would take to make a difference, but said he would sell them to Big Cat Rescue for .25 each and they come in bags of 250. I'm guessing we need a LOT of them so I set the goal to $700 which will buy us 2800 Mosquito Fish. He said they breed fast and don't die in the winter, so even if it does't make a huge impact this summer, it could be a lasting solution to protect the cats and their keepers.

See more at So far, $25 has been donated toward the $700 needed to fund this project.

ClipArt film Live Video Replays

Cameron and Zabu

Fencer Bobcat from 2013

Clipart lion Got YOUR ticket to the Wildcat Walkabout this year?

Nov 4, 2017 is our 25th birthday and you get in for $25 per person for a once a year event where you can walk the sanctuary at your own pace.  100% of your ticket will support conservation projects in the wild.  Get the de-tails here:


Get the flyer below:

Click on the flyer to see it full size.  Feel free to save it, print it, and share it with others.


Read more about the conservation projects YOU are helping to fund by attending our 25th Anniversary Walkabout:

  • Tiger Conservation Project
  • Lion Conservation Project
  • Cougar Conservation Project
  • Ocelot Conservation Project
  • Bobcat Conservation Project

(You can also see which conservation programs proceeds were donated to from last year's event)

In May, Feld Entertainment, the owner of Ringling circus petitioned the US Fish and Wildlife Service to allow 8 of their circus tigers to be exported to Germany where they would perform in another circus! BCR immediately posted an action alert asking supporters to submit comments in opposition to FWS granting this export permit. ADVOCATS ROCK! Thanks impart to your efforts, FWS received 14,822 comments with an overwhelming majority being in opposition to granting this export permit! There was so much public feedback that FWS temporarily re-opened the comment period this month (with the last day to comment being today). If you haven't already commented, please follow the steps in this action alert from our friends ADI to comment today. In related news, it has been confirmed that in February Ringling retired another group of their tigers to a sanctuary in Tennessee. Read more in this Washington Post article. WARNING!  GRAPHIC!

This is a powerful ad to save tigers, but it will make you cry.

 Letter To Management

August 8, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam:

It is about time that I am getting an enclosure befitting my royal status. The new throne that was built in the lakeside portion of my kingdom is very nice; however, it is as yet unfinished. Please let me know when it will painted with the royal colors of purple and gold.

Also, I would like some velvet curtains put around the outside of the platform. Ruling a kingdom takes many hours a day and is quite stressful. A king, therefore, must have some private, quiet time to reflect on matters brought before him for resolution. When I find it necessary to seek solitude, I will close the curtains and woe to anyone who disturbs me.

Be aware that from this day forward, no stinky tigers will be allowed in my enclosure when I am on vacation. They destroy the Feng Shui, and the last time destroyed my flower garden (which, I might add, has yet to be replanted).

Now, please tell my servants to bring turkey legs.


Joseph Lion a/k/a King Joseph I
(Sent via Lori D., Secretary to the Cats

See more info and photos of this at:

ClipArt Cub in a cape Keeper Corner

Intern Alayna Hanna: So today I got to do operant with my favorite kitty, Priya, for my 10 week reward??

Pharoah the serval enjoying his Coolaroo bed... in a very unique way. ~Keeper Sarah Copel

Pharoah the serval enjoying his Coolaroo bed... in a very unique way. ~Keeper Sarah Copel

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