Austin’s newspaper, The Statesment, publishes AdvoCAT’s Letter to the Editor

Mane course

Kate Barnes, of Tempe, Ariz., tasted a lion meat burger last week at Il Vinaio restaurant in Mesa, Ariz. Il Vinaio owner Cameron Selogie was trying to honor the World Cup soccer tournament and drum up business, but he got a whole lot more attention than he hoped, some of it unfriendly, for serving burgers made with African lion.

Re: June 26 article “World Cup-inspired lion burgers? Animal rights activists not game.”

I was shocked to hear that lion burgers are being served at a restaurant in Arizona. I was even more upset to hear that this isn’t something new or out of the ordinary. That this meat is considered game meat and so easily obtainable is hard to believe since lions in Africa are a vulnerable species with only about 20,000 left. If we do nothing, they might be extinct by 2020.

By banning the breeding of big cats in the private sector, it would make it impossible for U.S. dealers to acquire and sell this meat. Neither the USDA nor the FDA has the manpower to inspect, regulate and ensure the quality or origin of this food source.

Robin Dougherty



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