Ban Doug Terranova Circus

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This is Doug Terranova, who in our opinion is an exploiter and abuser of tigers. He operates a small traveling circus act with tigers. Find out more at

To get to these venues the tigers are transported for hours on end in cramped quarters in the trailer pictured here.

Their movement is limited to this tiny space day after day for the duration of Terranova’s appearance at the fair except for the brief periods when they are let into
the ring so Terranova can make money from their “performance.”

Instead of being in a peaceful setting like at a sanctuary, they are exposed to constant loud noise during the fair operating hours.

Look at them pacing back and forth. This kind of pacing is called “stereotypical” behavior caused by the animals feeling stress.

You don’t have to be a vet to conclude that these are not happy, content animals living the kind of humane life that these majestic big cats deserve.

And how long to they endure these miserable conditions, living in this trailer except for the small amount of time they are let out to perform? Let’s hear Terranova answer that


So how many weeks or months are the tigers confined to the prison like trailer while Terranova “works his way up the east coast” and spends 10 weeks at a Renaissance


Now listen to the narrator say what the whip is for:

Now watch how the whip is used to herd the cat back into the small transport after it has finished performing unnatural behaviors to entertain the crowd. See the cat’s ears
back and the head cowering? Do you think the cat does not view that whip as a weapon?

Terranova has been sued three times by USDA for serious violations of the Animal Welfare Act, most recently in January 2015. Most of the violations were for improper
treatment of animals on the road and for unsafe handling of animals, like the time a tiger got loose and entered the women’s restroom.

And how do these tigers live when they are not on the road?

In May 2015 Terranova’s facility in Texas was inspected and received eight more citations for violations of the Animal Welfare Act. One citation was for tiger enclosures
with rotten plywood floors that a tiger’s paw could pass through causing injury. Another was for improperly attached roof panels that could result in an escape.

If you were a tiger, is this the life you would choose?

Please help us ban this mistreatment of big cats.

Visit to learn how you can truly make a difference in their lives!

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