Beta Alpha Psi Pick Up Sticks and Directs Traffic

Beta Alpha Psi Pick Up Sticks & Direct Traffic

On April 24, 2005 three Beta Alpha Psi members (see photo at right) returned to continue working on clearing sticks, stones and trash from the fields to prepare to make them usable. Then, they generously volunteered to help direct traffic and act as safety guards for an event involving over 100 people that was held later that morning. Thanks again for all your hard work and your continued support of the sanctuary.



Beta Alpha Psi Big Cat cleanup rivals Enron

With Enron, Worldcom and others, there is plenty of garbage in the accounting field in recent years. But none of these scandals comes close to having the amount picked up by the amazing USF Beta Alpha Psi volunteers April 3, 2005 at Big Cat Rescue.

Styrofoam that had been dumped in the lake and on the land years before the sanctuary was there has been rising to the surface. If the styrofoam dries it can blow into the tiger cages along the lake. If a tiger ingested the material, it would kill the cat. Hence it was critical that the material be picked up.

In addition, the area we worked on has recently been cleared to make it usable, but was full of other garbage like tires, and rocks and pieces of concrete that destroy the mower blades if we try to maintain the area.

Finally, we have little elephant ears along the east side of the lake that do a great job of holding the banks together. We needed to transplant some to the south side which is barren.

The Beta Alpha Psi volunteers labored long and hard as you can see from the photos here. These photos shows the large pile of bags of foam, large foam pieces with concrete stuck to it, rocks and tires collected as they cleared the large area. Other photos show their horticultural talent as they transplanted the caladiums with tender loving care.

More Photos Here

Our thanks to Beta Alpha Psi for yet another productive day devoted to the cats!

On November 21, 2004 Beta Alpha Psi came to Big Cat Rescue for the fourth time! This time they painted Rusty and Sassy, the Caracals’ cage and helped clean up from the hurricane damage caused by 4 hurricanes in 6 weeks.


On March 21, 2004 Beta Alpha Psi came out for the third time and helped out Big Cat Rescue by repainting our cabins. These cabins provide income to care for the cats, but were in bad need of painting.

On February 21, 2004 Beta Alpha Psi came and participated in an experiment. Our cages rust after several years so in this experiment, half of the fraternity painted one Cat-A-Tat with the traditional Rustoleum paint and the other half Kiss Coted a Cat-A-Tat.



Beta Alpha Psi helps Big Cat Rescue by building 20 picnic tables and an 8 foot security fence.

On behalf of our 170 cats, I would just like to thank you so much for volunteering to work at Big Cat Rescue this past Saturday. The two projects were very important to us.

The fence Beta Alpha Psi built is a requirement of USDA to separate our overnight guests from the cats at night. Because the feeding and caring of the cats takes almost all of their time, it is very difficult for our limited staff and regular volunteers to get to projects like this. The fence had been on our ?to do? list for two years and we were running against a deadline to complete it. Your help has allowed us to meet this requirement and be in compliance, which is critical to retaining our permits.

The bench project is one that will have multiple benefits. The initial impetus for the project was our need to have seating for the larger school field trips that visit us, sometimes 100 children at once. With each bench seating 5 children, the 20 benches or 10 picnic tables you constructed will allow us to accommodate these groups in comfort. In addition, the benches have significantly enhanced the ambiance of the property. As you can see in the enclosed picture of the benches placed at the beach area, they are a tremendous improvement over the aging white plastic tables and chairs we had there. And finally, by selling the donor recognition plaques to place on the benches, we hope to raise funds over and above the cost of the benches. If we find donors for all of the benches, you will have helped us raise $3000 above the cost of the benches!

You were a fantastic group to work with, accomplished an amazing amount in those few hours, and made a wonderful contribution to our cause. We appreciate it very, very much!

For the cats,

Carole Baskin

Big Cat Rescue
(formerly WildLife On Easy Street)
(813) 920-4130

Beta Alpha Psi



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