Bhalock tiger still roaming near village

Bhalock tiger still roaming near village

Daniel Kamei

TAMENGLONG, Mar 22: The female Bengal Tiger with her cub is still roaming at Phalong (Bhalock) village of Tamenglong district of Manipur since the last part of 2005. As of now the tigers have not done any harm to human beings but they have lost five cows, two buffaloes, one dog and some goats since last year. Phalong village is situated 10 kms from Tamenglong police station in the eastern side of Tamenglong district headquarters.

While disclosing this to media persons at the Phalong Village Authority Office today, Agariam, the chairman of Phalong Village Authority said that the tigers were as big as domestic cows, the pug marks six square inches large were found on the soil. It roars near and far from the village and comes near the houses at night and is seen frequently on the road and in the jungle, he added.

In the meantime, Buantiuwang said that he had seen the tiger on March 9 while he was hunting for a bird. “I saw the big tigers jumping away, I was scared and got frightened and went back home,” he said. Another man was also reported to have seen the tiger, as a small deer was caught in his trap and was eaten by the tiger on the same day.

The tiger had been seen frequently on various occasions. While collecting firewood and fetching bananas and even on their way to field and home the villagers heard roaring and felt insecure and sometimes went home, narrated one villager.

“As of now the tiger has not attacked any human beings but we are frightened and feel insecure,” said the chairman.

The wildlife and forest departments came rushing to the village on hearing of the roaming of Bengal tigers at Phalong village, and ordered not to kill the tiger.

He also recollected that in the year 2006 the wildlife and forest departments came to their village and asked for footprint and dung of the tigers to identify the tiger`s size. However, the two departments had not done anything till today, he regretted. We lost our domestic animals but the government has not taken up any preventive measures, he added.

The chairman also appealed to the concerned authorities to take up immediate steps to control the tiger roaming in the village and frightening innocent poor villagers. And if the tigers attack any human beings or if the tigers were killed, the government should bear the responsibility, the chairman added.

Phalong village is situated 10 kms from Tamenglong police station in the eastern side with 248 households. There are five government schools including three Anganwadi centres. These anganwadis did not teach any children, they just distribute the nutrition powder to all the households in the village, the chairman said.

He went on to say that due to rodent menace the villagers were getting less foodgrains. “Getting 100 tins paddy is the maximum foodgrains whereas we are supposed to get at least 300 tins of paddy from one field,” he said. He also said that the rats were still plenty in number destroying the vegetables at their fields.

Further, the village did not get any PDS rice, sometimes got some SK oil, that also rarely, he added. However, he thanked the ASA workers for helping the villagers regularly. NREGS is the only main source of income, “we construct IVR, make banana and Umorok farms and repair roads as the main work”, said the chairman.


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