Bhopal photo exhibition on tiger conservation

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Bhopal photo exhibition on tiger conservation

2010-08-30 16:20:00

Wildlife activists organised a photo exhibition on tigers in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal city to make people aware of the importance of tigers in the eco system.

The exhibition sought to draw attention of people towards alleged carelessness of the State government to preserve tigers.

They claimed that a Jhurjhura tigress was found dead in the Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh in May. The reasons for her death are not yet clear.

“The main aim to organise this exhibition at this particular time is, that the killers of Jhurjhura, who was killed on May 18, are still free. The investigations are on since four months. When she died on May 18, she left three cubs behind with us,” said Shahla Masood, Secretary of Uday organisation, which organised the exhibition.

“The administration, the forest officials said that they would take care of the three cubs. Ten days ago, even a cub died, and we do not know the reason for his death as well,” she added.

The visitors said that this exhibition made them aware of the plight of tigers in India.

“The way humans have a right to live; tigers too have the full right to live.

They are a gift to us by nature. They are such a beautiful creatures. Their absence can misbalance our entire ecosystem, and we should understand that. They are a very important link in our ecosystem after us, and it is our duty to protect them,” said Aruna Bandhavar, a visitor.

The activists claimed that there are around 254 tigers left in the state and the exhibition was also aimed at creating awareness among the wildlife officers.

As per a new survey there are just 1,411 tigers left in India, almost half the number since 2002 census. (ANI)

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