Big Cat Sightings in Gloucestershire Not a Surprise

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Frank Tunbridge

Frank Tunbridge has been studying big cats for 25 years

A Gloucestershire big cat expert says he isn’t surprised by a recent increase in sightings of the elusive creatures in an urban part of Gloucester.

Two large black cats were reportedly spotted by a milkman in Hempsted last week.

Frank Tunbridge, who has been studying the creatures for more than 25 years, says the sightings were not unexpected:

“During the summer time and spring you have a lot of young deer about, and deer are big cats’ preferred prey.


“They have a lot of meat on them and last a long time. One big effort in pulling down a deer will save them a lot of effort chasing rabbits and pheasants.

“There are quite of lot of deer living around this area. They’ve been spotted up at Hempsted tip.

These animals come along and forage through the gardens.
Frank Tunbridge, big cat expert

“But at this time of year (autumn) the animals, which are easier to catch during the summer because they are young and naive, have grown up a bit.

“Now it’s gone a bit colder so a lot of the animals are harder to catch. And the [big cats] need to become opportunistic and go round to peoples’ gardens.

“People put food out for hedgehogs, badgers, foxes and birds, so these animals come along and forage through the gardens.”

‘Living among us’

Frank Tunbridge is convinced that there are big cats on the loose in the British countryside and he’s out to find conclusive proof.

“I find it so fascinating that these creatures can be living among us almost unnoticed for most of the time,” he said.

“We don’t know what these animals out there are. We just do not know. Until we come up with a specimen we can only speculate.

“We can only compare them to species we know, and the closest they come to are leopards. They are the most abundant big cat in the world and can live anywhere.”

Anyone who spots a big cat locally can contact Frank using his Big Cat Hotline on 07711 476715.

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  1. Paul Paterson

    July 3, 2014 at 7:28 pm

    Frank Tunbridge is not a "big cat expert or big cat tracker" he is just someone who works out helping car boot sales, not even employed.

    Tunbridge, Arnold, McGowan are rather too often referred to by the press as a ‘Big Cat expert’ when nothing could be further from the truth. He and they appear to have no direct experience of working with big cat species Not even so much as a Saturday job cleaning cages at Howletts or any other zoo r animal collection. Arnold/Tunbridge also claims to ‘work with’ zoologists, but in what way? So far these researchers and others are pseudo, made up. Research? I think we’ve established that he’s not qualified to do that in any meaningful sense No "big cats" in the mainland UK free and wild. Such people as Tunbridge are what is termed fantasists, hey bolster their ego by their myths and hype.

  2. Paul Paterson

    July 3, 2014 at 7:29 pm

    Zooform , no such word…Cryptozoology concerns itself with unknown species for which there are "myths" and with supposedly-extinct species. Strictly-speaking, a species that is simply unknown is not cryptozoological. Cryptozoology" is that it is not a legitimate field of science. Any idiot can call himself a cryptozoologist as if it means something important and it does not. A zoologist is a legitimate title, as is geologist, biologist, etc. Cryptozoologist means nothing.

    A spokeswoman said: "None of the sightings of big cats have ever been confirmed and the evidence of all the sightings we have been asked to look at has either been unsubstantiated or has been attributed to other causes."From time to time big cats do escape from zoos or other collections and are usually recaptured very quickly. We are confident that there is no breeding population of big cats in this country." (Natural England)

  3. Paul Paterson

    July 3, 2014 at 7:32 pm

    The idea of leopards still living in Europe is very powerful. Every year a new and ferocious creature turns up in England, one that exists only in newspaper columns, vividly imprecise eyewitness reports blurry photographs of black pussy cats and our eternal appetite for monsters: the Beast of Bodmin, the Surrey Puma, the Fen Tiger" Simon Barnes of the Times No "big cats" in the wilds and breeding in the UK And No there is no evidence to show that the UK mainland has big cats wild and free.

    What a remarkably delusional sentence from Mr Tunbridge: "I haven't got footage yet of a big cat, although we have come close." Surely you HAVE footage of a big cat, or you HAVEN'T – there's no "coming close". Please could we have no more pointless articles of this type, until there is verified footage of a big cat? Then Mr Tunbridge can crow (or is it miaow?)!

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