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#BJWT scamming BCR followers by claiming affiliation?

People have been asking us about the Big Cat Society Facebook page and ads that claim you can get a beautiful cat themed bracelet for free by just paying shipping and handling.

We believe Big Cat Society is a scam and is fraudulently using this tactic to gather your private information and charge you for products that benefit Black Jaguar White Tiger instead. No one who knows or cares anything about Big Cat Rescue would be involved with #BJWT. Big Cat Rescue is all about ending the trade in exotic cats as pets and BJWT is all about feeding the owner’s ego and making big cats look like suitable pets by posing with them.

The Facebook page called the Big Cat Society has suddenly appeared out of Australia, and the “organization” claims to be selling or even giving away (with a $10 shipping fee) big cat themed bracelets, with the promise that they are “sponsors” of Big Cat Rescue and that “the proceeds from every single order through the Big Cat Society online shop [go] to the Big Cat Rescue Org.” But on the actual website where big cat lovers buy the bracelets, it’s clear that the money will go not to Big Cat Rescue, but to Black Jaguar White Tiger.

big cat society bjwt

The site even looks very similar to BJWT’s old website, which is now offline while they appear to focus exclusively on pumping out more social media garbage to disparage Big Cat Rescue. We don’t know if this is an attempt by BJWT themselves to make money by scamming our followers, or if it’s just a venture by an ill informed Australian who thinks he’s “helping”, but either way, our followers are being fooled. Please do not buy from and do not promote any facility that posts images of big cats or their cubs being handled as that drives the vast majority of abuse that these magnificent cats suffer.

If you really want to buy a beautiful tiger’s eye bracelet that benefits Big Cat Rescue go here:

Tigers Eye Bracelet to Save Tigers