BIG CATS: Conservation, Education, Exploitation?

Avatar Carole Baskin | March 19, 2007 1 View 0 Likes 0 Ratings

Far too many exotic big cats are in private hands where they offer nothing for the conservation of the wild species. These "pets" are often exhibited in public as an educational tool for conservation. These cats are exploited for photo ops when they are cubs and discarded to horrible unaccredited "sanctuaries" or roadside zoos when they are adults. The real way to save these great cats is to preserve habitat.
Please don't throw your money away into an exotic pet trade that does nothing for the survival of the species.

*All of the captive footage was taken in Jan-Feb 2007, 60 miles or less from our own gates. One facility is finally now being cited by wildlife authorites. And some of it was filmed at the Florida State Fair's FWC exhibit were people watched the pacing animals (borrowed from a local pet owner) in their tiny exhibit cages. No one spoke to the children about conservation, and nothing was learned. Haven't we grown tired of seeing animals living in these conditions?

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