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Big Cat Rescue

12802 Easy Street

Tampa, FL 33625


fax 866.571.4523


Tour times are M,T,W & F at 3pm  and on Sat. & Sun. at 10am and 1pm for adults and children 10 and over. Admission is $29 per person. 1.5 hour walking tour.

Children under 10 years old are only allowed on Sat. & Sun. at the 9am Kids Tour.  Admission is $19 per child under 10 and $29 per person over 10 years old. 1 hr tour.

You are welcome to take photos and video.  If it is raining please bring a poncho as we do not allow umbrellas.  NO PETS allowed and they may not be left in your car.  Wear comfy shoes and show up 5-10 minutes ahead of the tour time to get signed in.  Golf carts are available on a limited basis for an extra $10 per person.

Feeding Tours, Photo Tours, Keeper Tours and night tours, please call 813.426.5948 for prices and to reserve your space.


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