Billionaire Steve Wynn changes will to benefit animal rights

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Vegas resort mogul and passionate vegan says he doesn’t want any more “concentration camps for animals that are cruelly treated”.

Tue, Nov 09 2010 at 2:43 PM EST

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 Back in August, Steve Wynn turned heads with the announcement that all of the restaurants within his Las Vegas Wynn Resorts would be required to offer vegan options. Taking things a step further, the 68-year-old gave every one of his executives, chefs and employees a book and a DVD on the subject.


“It’s very simple,” Wynn told Robin Leach of Las Vegas Weekly. “I’m killing two birds at once, so to speak. Animal-based food kills people. This way by going vegan … we get healthy and save animals. I’m being selfish, too, because if I can get my employees healthier, we cut down on sick days and gain more productivity. Our plan to take care of ourselves this way has blended right in with our staff.

Wynn says he’s lost 15 pounds since going vegan — but admits it’s not all about health. Just like “LOST” star Jorge Garcia revealed yesterday about his vegetarian transition, this one is more about the animals.

“I don’t want any more concentration camps for animals that are cruelly treated, force fed to fatten themselves up for our consumption,” he told Leach.

Apparently, Wynn’s devotion to the cause is so great, that he’s recently updated his will to benefit animal rights organizations.

“I’ve become an animal rights activist. I’m taken care of myself for the rest of my life. So I decided to change my will the last few days in case I croak. I’m not about to, and I’m not planning on that for a long time. But I’ve changed my will to show my concern for animal rights.”

How about that? Animal activists just scored a billionaire for their team. Check out the full interview over on Las Vegas Weekly. 




Big Cat Rescue Applauds Steve Wynn


This made my day! Sometimes the battle against the abuse that results from the breeding, exploiting and abandonment of big cats can make me feel like I just can’t deal with one more egotistic tiger-tamer-wannabee. Hearing that someone of the caliber of Mr. Wynn is making such a positive move toward a healthier and more compassionate planet is what makes it all worth while. Thanks for being such a visionary!

Great News


It is great that someone as powerful as Steve Wynn has taken this position. It shows that caring about animals, health and the environment is not a fringe notion.
I do hope he has not given his money to the huge megagroups that are already wealthy and often not that effective. Some are even counterproductive in surprising ways, including killing animals themselves.The smaller local organizations struggle to help animals in their communities, and there are lots of good ones. I hope Mr….. More

Well Done!!


Great news and a fab example to the world!



Mr Wynn is powerful and is sending a strong message to the world.
Thank you for leading by example and having a compassionate heart.



Wynn sold his Vegas casino that used to imprison a dolphin.

Wynn’s on a roll..


So glad to hear this and of all Steve’s successes. His stock just hit an all time high, he’s worth billions, and I’m so glad he’s seen the light and is going to use his billions to help animals.

A Triple Win for Wynn


Wynn has taken one giant step forward for himself, his associates and mankind. Vegans who don’t eat, wear, or use any animal products, for ethical reasons, understand that the abuse and exploitation of animals is a blight on our society. It is a sign of ignorance, indifference and an absence of compassion; of an individual or society that puts profits above cruelty and appetite, above abuse. Way to go Wynn!!!

Stop Animal Exploitation in Vegas


Dolphins and other wildlife were imprisoned at the Mirage when owned by Steve Wynn. I hope he will now campaign for a ban on all exploitation of animals for socalled entertainment in Las Vegas. That what an animal rights person would do.

Will Wynn End Animal Captivity Too?


Good move for Steve Wynn to protect people, animals and the environment by promoting vegan meals. I hope he will also stop the exploitation of dolphins and other wildlife for entertainment in his casinos.


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