Birthday Tribute to Jamie Veronica President of Big Cat Rescue

Birthday Tribute to Jamie Veronica, President of Big Cat Rescue

I wanted to create an action figure for Jamie’s birthday and commissioned Christina Hess to do this portrait of Jamie as I see her.
-her mom
In this photo: Jamie Veronica

These were some of the nice comments made on Jamie’s action figure portrait.聽

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    • Tiffanie M Kines HuntOh my gosh! This is AWESOME!!!! I absolutely LOVE IT!

      9 hours ago1 person
    • Brian HowleWOW! Um … ya done REAL good, Carole. Wow.

      9 hours ago
    • Brian HowleLove the tats and the barrel o’ bobkitties, btw. 馃檪

      9 hours ago1 person
    • Cindy Tutt SaavedraBEAUTIFUL!!!!

      9 hours ago
    • El BurkeThat’s incredible!! Love it! 馃檪

      9 hours ago
    • Carole BaskinChristina worked every detail I could think of and many more that she devised herself. ie Jamie grows orchids, her totem is the swan, she is awesome with an axe, rehabs bobcats, is a free spirit, loves renaissance fairs, wore Wonder Woman costume for years as a kid…

      9 hours ago8 people
    • Judy Jackson WilliamsonIt’s striking – she’ll love it!

      9 hours ago
    • Natalie LaneThat is absolutely amazing, Carole! “I am Jamie, hear me ROAR!”

      9 hours ago2 people
    • Tiffanie M Kines HuntThe cat on the limb in the background was an awesome touch!

      9 hours ago
    • Marcie ClarkThat is an AMAZING picture. I love it.

      9 hours ago
    • Carole BaskinEven the posture and expression reflect how grounded she is and yet the wildness of her hair & surroundings demonstrate her passion and determination. Christina even detailed the tree amulet Justin gave Jamie in her necklace.

      9 hours ago 路 2 people
    • Suzanne Newton ShortAWESOME! What a present!

      9 hours ago
    • Suzanne Newton ShortHow big is it?

      9 hours ago
    • Ann BerringerAwesome! Beautiful Now you’ll have to get someone to actually make the costume so Jamie can wear it to the next Fur Ball or Rennaisance Festival!

      9 hours ago3 people
    • Kristy MitchellThat is just beautiful! What a wonderful gift. I understand all of it except the totem part. That sounds fascinating, what does that mean?

      9 hours ago
    • Carole BaskinGreat idea Ann. Suzanne, I didn’t measure but it is something like 12 x 15 or so.

      9 hours ago1 person
    • Carole Baskin A totem is like a spiritual connection that says something about your personality. It comes to you in your dreams and helps you discover your hidden powers鈥媡otems/pages/swan.htm

      9 hours ago4 people
    • Natalie LaneThe artist is fantastic; is she in Florida? So talented…

      9 hours ago1 person
    • Kristy MitchellI’ve got to try that. Some of us need all the help we can get. lol ; )

      9 hours ago
    • Diane GustafsonCarole, that is wonderful! May I share this pic on my group page?

      8 hours ago
    • Ann BerringerCarole, thanks for sharing the link about totems, fascinating! What is your totem?

      7 hours ago
    • Linda ‘Schultz’ HaaseThank you for sharing. What an incredible piece of art.

      7 hours ago
    • Meredith PenninoWow, this is absolutley amazing!

      4 hours ago
    • Brigitte Latton BrdijeOh this is Beautiful!!!! 鈾

      3 hours ago
    • Fiona Giannandreathat is a really great present!

      3 hours ago
    • Colleen Mulloy SmolenThat is totally AWESOME!

      3 hours ago
    • Starla TrivilinoAn amazing & creative gift !! Captures Jamie’s fierceness, absolute dedication, passion & unending love for the exotic cats. Just as in the cats she devoted her life to … the eyes reveal her depth and soul.

      about an hour ago1 person
    • Susiee Lew BakerrThat sent shivers up my spine, beautiful 鈾

      59 minutes ago
    • Martha Hoffman SkinnerStarla has said it all. :o)

      39 minutes ago1 person
    • Leslie CannonThat is great!

      32 minutes ago
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