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Big Cat AdvoCat Laura Lassiter on Blog Radio about Big Cat Rescue

Listen to this hour long podcast about mankind's obcession with big cats as pets.

8/4/2010 12:00 PM – 1 hr 1 min
Length: 1 hr 1 min
Some people like pets but some go overboard. If you buy an exotic animal for a pet, it is not exactly going to be content with a small bowl of dried kibble. It is going to want fresh meat and large quantities, at that! If you are going to care for a wild animal, you are going to have to feed it like one! This obsession creates an interesting thought as to why people do these things. Is there a mysterious connection between mankind and the Big Cats that has been hidden for years? If so, can it help save us from our destructive path that we are on? In talking with the Big Cats, they will give us insights into “Who’s Rescuing Whom” and the importance of this information at such a critical time that we find ourselves facing. On this segment of The Organic View, Laura Lassiter, from Big Cat Rescue will talk about this very relationship. As a child, Laura was always encouraged to use her intuitive abilities in every aspect of life and walking between two worlds was a natural way of being. Realizing at an early age that everything was an expression of an Intelligence that could be found everywhere, she discovered talking with animals, plants, rocks, water and anything else that most people considered to be of lower consciousness, effortless and profound. For over 40 years, Laura has been an animal communicator. She devotes her energies helping people remember how to speak the Universal Language by going beyond the logical and allowing the Intelligence that created the Universe to be felt and heard within the heart. In this segment, we will learn about Laura's work with Big Cat Rescue and mankind's obsession with the exotic animal trade.

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