Bobcat found in Avon, Indiana – Video

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You’ll see all kinds of wildlife in central Indiana, with a notable exception.

“I’ve seen a red fox, rabbits, coyotes, haven’t seen the bobcat yet,” said Eric Trudo of Avon.

There’s a reason for that. Bobcats, which are usually around two feet high, weighing between 15 and 30 lbs., are nocturnal and generally avoid people.

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“I’ve never seen a bobcat, raccoons, possums, everything else. I didn’t know there were any bobcats around, said Pat Maners of Avon.

Bobcats are prevalent in southern Indiana. Early Wednesday morning a bobcat was struck by a car, according to Indiana Department of Natural Resources officials.

It happened on County Road 100 south, east of C.R. 525 East. The animal was killed.

DNR experts believe the bobcat used White Lick Creek to get to Hendricks County from the southern part of the state.

“We’ve had cats go to all four adjacent states,” said Scott Johnson, a bobcat expert with the DNR’s Fish and Wildlife Division.

While sightings are relatively rare, says this marks the third bobcat struck by a car in the last four years: One in Marion County and another in Hendricks.

“They’re kind of generalists in their habitat, they’re not too picky about what areas they’ll occupy, they just need some good cover and a decent prey base,” Johnson said.

So they are often on the move, but they don’t normally stay in greater Indianapolis. And as they occasionally roam through, pet owners shouldn’t worry about their small dogs or cats becoming a meal. They prefer to eat rabbits, squirrels, vols and other small mammals. Humans are not on the menu.

“They take great pain and efforts to avoid contact with humans and generally sneak off before anyone encounters them,” Johnson said.

The bobcat has been on endangered species list since 1969, and has full protection as a rare species in Indiana.

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