Bobcat mom’s encounter with human ends peacably in Arizona

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COMMENT: Didn’t the Valley woman actually pose a threat to the mother bobcat?!
Mother bobcat threatens Valley woman
Reported by: Shannon Richards
Produced by: Gary Sarnoff
Last Update: 5:46 am
Coyotes, bobcats and javelinas are showing up in Valley neighborhoods and front porches.

However, in most circumstances, officials say you don’t need to worry.

“My husband and I drove up, and we saw something moving on the porch,” said Kim Agee. “We looked and there was a mom bobcat and a couple cubs.”
Agee pulled up to her New River home to find a bobcat standing on her front porch. The truck scared off the cubs, but the mother stood her ground, leaving Agee trapped in her truck for 20-minutes.
“She walked down the patio this way and that way, but never once did she appear spooked or anything,” added Agee.
It’s not uncommon to see urban wildlife any time of year in the Valley. Especially for those living on the outskirts of the Valley or near the mountains.
“When temperatures are cooling off, people might be more likely to see [bobcats] in the morning,” said Tom Cadden with Arizona Game and Fish.
The number of reports are down this year when it comes to urban wildlife spottings, however, as the Snowbirds return for the winter, those numbers may rise according to Cadden.
“We’re getting into that time of year when winter people are coming back into the Valley and if their property was left unattended, there’s a chance wildlife could be hanging out around their home.”
If you see wildlife on your property, chances are they’re just passing through. Animals have a natural fear of humans. They’ll lose that fear if you start feeding the animals, or encourage them to stay. To keep them away from your home, Cadden said you should yell at them or consider banging pots and pans.
“Do something so they don’t feel welcome around your house.”
As for Agee, the bobcat hasn’t made a second appearance.
“It was neat but in the end, I just wanted to make sure she found her cubs.”
Cadden does say if you ever see a mountain lion on your property, call 9-1-1 immediately. If it’s a coyote, javelina or bobcat, they’re most likely just passing through.

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