Bobcats 5th Grade Science

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Bobcats have fur that is gray or brown in color. The fur on their belly is white. They have spots and short tails. The short tail is how the bobcat got its name. These cats weigh between 13 and 30 pounds. Males are usually larger than females. As is true with many animals, Northern bobcats are usually larger than Southern bobcats.

Baby bobcats are called kittens. Litters can be as large as 8. However, they usually have 2 to 3 babies in a litter. Their eyes will open at around 6 days of age. After they grow up, they move away from their family and live alone most of the time. As with most cats they are solitary and territorial. Females have completely separate territories. Males may have some overlap to their territories.

Bobcats are meat eaters. Meat eaters are also called carnivores. Their main food is rabbit. Other food includes rodents, beaver, birds, bats and deer. These cats are scavengers who will eat almost anything and are natural born survivors.

These cats live in Canada and the United States. Bobcats live in Florida including Hillsborough County. Habitats include forests, swamps, desert and scrubland.

Bobcats are hunted for their soft, beautiful fur as well as for sport. They also compete with humans for habitat. People bring bobcats to Big Cat Rescue that have been hit by cars or orphaned. Attempts are made to rehabilitate and release those that are healthy enough to be returned to the wild.


1.What physical characteristics decrease the Bobcats chances of survival?


2.What behavioral characteristic improves the Bobcats chances of survival?

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