Bringing back the Zumba dance

Bringing back the Zumba dance

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TAMPA – It was the aerobics rage of the 90s, but has lost its luster to other training methods like boot camp, kwando, and hip-hop aerobics . But one Bay Area woman is trying to help it get its mojo back.

Most days you can find Melanie Lewis in her fitness club teaching Zumba.

The perky 25 year old can’t get enough of the high energy exercise. She has been an instructor for five years and graduated from USF in 2009 with a degree in exercise and science.

“I love fitness, I love dancing, and I love everyone coming in and smiling,” Melanie said. “It’s my favorite thing to do in the world.”

That’s why Melinda entered the Zumba Facebook Pause music video contest. You choreograph a video of the hit song “Pause” by Pitbull, and upload your video to Facebook, where people vote for their favorite video.

“Went to [Big Cat Rescue], was pretending I was working on a hot sweaty day, and just let loose and did my Zumba dance,” Melinda said. “And that’s how you truly feel when you are doing the Zumba dance.”

Melinda put a lot of hard work into her video, but needs more votes to make it to the top ten, where a panel of judges will select a winner. The grand prize is $5,000 dollars.

“I have about $307 and I’m number 19, and there’s about 500 videos. So I need a lot more votes. I need to get up to 500 if not more votes to make it in the top ten by August 31st,” Melanie said.

This health and fitness guru wants to bring back mind, body, and wellness with this exciting dance.

“So get on there and vote, get your family and friends, watch the video, have fun, dance, get fit,” she said.

Melanie wants you to go on Facebook and vote for her. If she win this worldwide competition, she will give 20 percent to Big Cat Rescue. The last day to vote is August 31st.

Updated: Monday, 22 Aug 2011, 8:27 PM EDT
Published : Monday, 22 Aug 2011, 8:26 PM EDT

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