Brittany Mira

Help us welcome Brittany Mira as a new staff member.

Brittany Mira

Online Sales Manager

Brittany and her husband Mark moved to Florida from Columbus, Ohio where she managed a successful pet product store and ran her own side photography business.  At the time, they lived only 40 minutes away from the 2011 Zanesville, Ohio Massacre,  it was completely heart breaking and eye opening to both of them and they knew they needed to get involved somehow.  While researching places in Florida to volunteer and help animals, Brittany found a YouTube video of Joseph the Lion who was also from Ohio, learned his sad story and made it a goal to get involved to help those who can’t help themselves.

Brittany started volunteering in 2015 working her way through the program to Senior Keeper, then became Staff in 2018 as our Online Sales Manager and a regular social media contributor.  She has a degree in photography and design but animals have always been her real passion.  Brittany says, “Getting to combine the two is an absolute dream come true.”

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My Superpower is the Power of Positivity

This hasn’t always been my superpower, but its a skill that I have had to work hard at for many years until it finally became easy to do.  Growing up in the midwest where the sun barely shines and feeling stuck in a small town I constantly struggled with a negative mindset.  I wanted to be a dreamer but always found excuses why I couldn’t be.  I spent most of my teenage years and my early twenties feeling down and out and couldn’t figure out why I was so stuck.  It wasn’t until I took a chance and moved to a new city to start a new life that things turned around for me.

When I first moved I had some terrible experiences that could have sent me running back to my small town but I kept believing that things would get better and turn around and when I wasn’t even looking I met the man of my dreams.  We began to dream together and made big plans to achieve goals we never thought we could do.  It wasn’t until I realized that I am completely in charge of my own thoughts and feelings and decided to always focus on the positive and let the worries and negativity float away that my entire life changed.

I spend everyday looking for the positives and staying focused on them, it not only helps me but also those around me.  I now know I am in charge of my own destiny and I want to help others learn that too.  Its not easy and its something you actively have to work on but I truly believe that what you put out into the universe is what you get back and it has completely changed my life for the better!  – Brittany Mira

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