Captured cougar put down in Idaho

LEWISTON – A mountain lion, discovered in the Lewiston Safeway parking lot Wednesday, was euthanized after being captured by Idaho Fish and Game.

Reports of the cougar hiding in the bushes came in at about 3:30. Police and Fish and Game responded, eventually tranquilizing the cougar with a dart gun.

Conservation Officer Mark Hill said the decision to euthanize the animal happened soon after it was captured. He said they spoke with the Wildlife Bureau in Boise before making the decision.

Hill said state policy is to either euthanize animals or relocate them to a zoo once they’ve been habituated to humans.

Reports of the cougar in town had been coming in for about three weeks. Fish and Game officials say wild animals like the cougar are put down, because it’s too much of a liability, that if a zoo took the animal in and someone got hurt, the state could be sued.

Hill said putting the animal down was the best option to protect citizens.


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RetiredCamper 41p · 11 hours ago
The Cougar should have been left where it was, near Safeway, if they were just going to kill it. The animal could just have been transported to one of the wilderness areas in Idaho. The only thing dangerous are the people given the responsibility of managing our wildlife. Warning! Don’t call the Fish & Game, if you see a wild animal, unless you want it killed (Except wolves because they are protected by F&G so they can kill more deer & elk) . Sad loss of a beautiful wild animal.
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loveallanimals -38p · 4 hours ago
way to go fish and game for killing the poor animal , you darted him and he didnt hurt no one , you didnt give no one time to say they would take him, oh but take it far away and let him go in the wilderness , i think we need to take a look into the fish and game and get things changed fire the hot shots that dont care , fish and game people that work their should care for the animals not kill them unless their in danger to someone ,
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youmakememad 1p · 3 hours ago
fish and game you make me mad, what the heck the poor animal didnt harm anyone, so you should have let it go free, it didnt deserve to die, shame on you, this town needs to go over your heads and get all new people , people who care, this was so wrong, now the goverment needs to step in, take over, no one had a chance to say they would take it and give it a home, i say go away now im mad at you, fish and game is soppose to care about the animals not kill them when they didnt harm no one shame , shame , shame on you
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ittibity 2p · 3 hours ago
killing a beautiful cat was wrong when the poor thing didnt hurt a sole, what kind of fish and game people do we have , not caring thats for sure, killing him on the first day you didnt try to get ahold of anyone to see if they would take it, if i was in charge he would of went free into the wilderness far away from people , homes, and living like he should of, and i would fire all of the fish and game , now we know who not to call
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lakemonster 78p · 2 hours ago
What a load of crap. Lawyers win again.

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