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Note: Big Cat Rescuers no longer enter cages, even of the lesser cats, unless the cat is shifted to the other half of their cage. Even a small wild cat can inflict serious injury.

In this episode we look at a lesser cat called the Caracal. Their name is taken from a Turkish word that means "black ear." The Caracal is known best for its large black ears that it uses for its great hunting ability.

The Caracal roams the grasslands and open plains from Africa through the Middle East. While its numbers are holding in Africa, we see populations becoming extinct in India due to farming and the unrestricted manufacturing of charcoal from the wild weeds, especially in the Banni grasslands. By supporting animal conservation in these areas we can help save the land for the Caracals and other wildlife. Captive Caracals in the US suffer from people trying to keep them as pets, as well as trying to crossbreed them with domestic cats for the pet trade.

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