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Sanctuary News


Bobcat Kitten


New rescue of a 6 week old baby bobcat. See photos. I will be hooking up a webcam today, but it is the kind that can see in near darkness, because she likes to hide, so if you want to watch, I need your email address to send you and invite. Send request to

BobcatKittenClaws2013-6-26 BobcatKittenCloseUp2013-6-26

One Eyed Momma Cat


Cierra the one eyed cat. See photo. She had a big splinter embedded in her eye when she arrived at Animal Services with her new born litter. It would appear that someone had bashed her in the head with a 2 x 4 and everyone said she was too wild to tame. The interns have worked miracles with her and we are really hoping she will find a quiet home with someone who capable of earning her trust. She is so beautiful and did such a great job raising her kittens despite being deathly sick and horribly injured. Her bravery and resilience are the stuff of legends and all packaged in a very petite little bundle of cream coloured fur.


All of our kittens, who are old enough, and momma cat Julienne, have now been adopted at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. We have some kittens who will be ready next week and a pretty lille tortoiseshell momma cat who will be available soon.


Don’t be Evil


Hitler petting lion cub. See photo. Jeff found this image and I’ve contact the owner to see if we can turn it into a bill board. I’d like to post these in Wynnewood, Dade City and Myrtle Beach for starters.




Wacko phone calls that we get. Stolen trailer full of tigers and tiger cubs for sale on Craig’s list. More here:

Selling tiger cubs on Craigslist in FL

Big Cat App


Our FREE Big Cat Rescue App is now in the iTunes App store and will soon be on Android. We have a complete virtual tour of the sanctuary available now in the Apple App Store. Look for Big Cat Rescue and choose the lion face. (The tiger face is our old app) Screen shot attached. This is the link to our new app in the iTunes App Store:


Cage Construction


The Vacation Rotation cage should be done next month. My brother, a sheriff’s deputy, comes in on his days off to help my Dad and Scott put up the panels. They can do about 16 sheets of wire a day and those are appx 5 feet by 15 feet. They have almost completed three walls now. Photos here:


Helping Wild Ocelots


We’ve been asked to help with ocelot rehab in So. America and sent them all the stuff we do to keep the cats entertained yet wild while waiting to be released. We have also been asked to speak at National and International conferences on sanctuary management, cage design, enrichment, and wild cat husbandry, but we can talk more about that on a later show.

Ocelot Amazing Grace 2013  

World News About Big Cats


Mauling at Exotic Feline Rescue Center


June 21, 2013 Anderson, IN: A 21 year old female employee named Marissa Dub was attacked by tiger at Joe Taft’s Exotic Feline Rescue Center. For cleaning purposes, the tiger was moved into a holding area. Officials report that the door to the holding area did not get shut all the way, allowing the tiger to bite and latch onto her head. Co workers distracted the tiger with food and retrieved Dub who was airlifted in critical condition to Wishard Memorial Hospital in Indianapolis.


Leopard Shot and Killed in Indiana


June 20, 2013 Charlestown, IN: A woman got the shock of her life when she fired into the shadows, in an attempt to kill what she thought had been a bobcat, and discovered the cat she killed to be a 9 month old baby leopard. Tim Stark, a mile away, at Wildlife in Need, a backyard menagerie, said he had been setting traps to catch a leopard, but claimed it was because his neighbors asked him to do so.



Serval Escape in New York


June 19, 2013 Westtown, NY: A male, 30-35 pound serval was left outside the Dawn Animal Agency sanctuary entrance in a flimsy wire crate, and quickly escaped. He was on the loose for 3 days before being caught with a net while going for some food that was set out as a lure. The USDA is trying to track down the owner.


Lion Bones / Tiger Bones


Avaaz ran a campaign in So. Africa to stop the trade in lion bones and the government tore down their posters. Now Avaaz is suing and raising even more awareness about how killing lions for their bones has become more popular as tiger numbers dwindle. It will always be cheaper to kill wild cats than raise them for slaughter and that’s why we have to end captive situations that provide a legal cover for illegal activities. More here:

Florida Panther


The USFWS gives up on the FL Panther and turns over responsibility to the FWC. More here:



Big Cat Bingo July 1 at 7:30 pm in Ybor City, FL call 813 241-MARY to RSVP. See photo. Lots of great prizes can be won via Bingo and our new platform. Scan QR codes to win an iPad mini 16 GB WiFi and dozens of other great prizes, like tour passes, books, big cat bandanas and raffle tickets for even more prizes. Get the Front Flip app in the iTunes and Android app stores now so you will be ready. The QR codes will be at the Bingo event for you to scan.


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