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Cloe Snow Leopard Butterfly by Jennifer Gwynne Oliver

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  • Many of your video links in the tributes do not work. I read everyone one of them and I am so happy that you helped make their lives better for however long you had them.

  • Like Dan, I was unable to view any of the videos on my iPad. Voice-overs worked fine, with good sound quality, but no video. I tried the first 3 leopard files, all 3 lion files (Joseph'swouldn't come up at all), and the first tiger file before I gave up. This looks to be an awesome resource. I hope you're able to work out the MacBug soon!

  • How very wonderful that you have this audio option. I haven't listened to all but will eventually. Wasn't aware that you housed so many cats. Thanks and keep up the great work. ♡

  • I adore your beautiful cats and your work with them.Thank you for sharing your link with me.

  • I asked when I was there in October....they don't have any. That's probably a good thing...it means there aren't a lot of cheetahs in need of rescue!