People always want to hear about rescues, so this creates a landing page for that menu item called Rescues.

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Lakeland Bobcat Orphan Update It’s impossible to know for sure, but I think I have a happy update on this […]

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Mickey Male Cougar Born 6/25/2003 Rescued 8/18/2014 Died 10/22/17 Today the vet group was texting back and forth about Mickey’s […]

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Banshee Male Bobcat Born 1995 Rescued 11/13/98 Died 10/19/17 Banshee was a pet, but when his owner had business out […]

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Zabu Tiger Nearly Drowns Doing one dental procedure in a month is a nail biter for us. Doing 6 in […]

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TJ Male Siberian/Bengal Tiger Hybrid 1999 – 6/20/17   TJ was the youngest of four tigers who were rescued in […]

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Male  1/1/03 – 9/13/17 Rescued 9/1/13 Caravel (Caracal / Serval Hybrid) 9/13/17  This morning JoJo was laying on his side, unable to […]

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Andre Male Tiger 1/1/96 – 2/24/19 Rescued 9/28/11 Andre Tiger passed away peacefully in his sleep. It’s very rare that […]

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Olesya Tiger is Rescued from Darkness   Sometimes it takes years to see the fruits of our labor, so when […]

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Sabre Male Leopard 3/1/92 – 7/16/17 Rescued 7/20/95 Sabre was 3 years old when he arrived at Big Cat Rescue […]

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Summer 2017 ~ Annual Update & Appeal Letter To donate, please scroll to the end of this letter When I […]

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