When cats die we move them off the /catbio page to this category because many of our supporters want to still access the pages and leave tributes to the cats in the comments.

Remembering Malachi the Clouded Leopard

Clouded Leopards of Big Cat Rescue

Clouded Leopards Malachi Male Clouded Leopard came to Big Cat Rescue as a temporary ...

leopard cat


Zazu   Female Leopard Cat Date of Birth: 1980-1999 Zazu may have been shy, ...



Sundance   Female Bobcat Date of Birth: 1981-1999 Sundance could find the sunshine is ...

Shanda Bobcat


Shanda Female Bobcat 1978 – 1999 More Memorials at


Maverick Male Siberian Lynx    Date of Birth: 5/97 Maverick arrived on Easy Street on ...


Kahlua Female Margay Date of Birth: 6/6/82 Kahlua came to Big Cat Rescue on ...


Lakota Male Bobcat Date of Birth: 1995 – 6/11/1998 Lakota was a human in ...

Huntress Caracal

Huntress Caracal

Huntress Female Caracal 1985- 1997 More Memorials at

Gator Serval

Gator Serval

Gator Serval 1985-1997 More Memorials at