Clouded Leopards Bred for Life In Cages

These clouded leopards are very cute, but they never should have been bred for life in cages. The reason so many places take cubs and kittens from their mothers is that the mothers are so stressed by having their offspring being surrounded by and gawked at by strangers that they will often kill the cubs to enable their escape from the awful fate that has imprisoned them for their entire lives. In other instances cubs are pulled from their mothers so that the zoos and owners can make more money from the cubs by offering pay to play schemes, such as allowing the public to hold the cubs or bottle feed the cubs or pose with the cubs. These abuses will always tell the public that the mother rejected the cub or that she didn’t have milk or that the cub was orphaned. This is just to mollify the public into thinking it is OK to do the unthinkable. When you hear about cubs being born at the zoo or offered for your interaction, just say, “NO!”

Clouded Leopard Cubs at 2 Months Old

Another lie that exploiters tell the public is that the cubs are calmed by being hung from their armpits, shaken or having someone blow sharply into their face. They claim the mothers do that, but it is just nonsense. While it is true that mother cats carry their young, they don’t do it to calm them. They do it in emergencies when the only other option for the cub is being killed by predators. The action of shaking the cub is no different than shaking a baby and may make them quiet, but only because of the brain damage being done and not because the cub finds it comforting. When a mother cat has had enough of a cub’s playful antics and is giving him the human version of, “I’m counting to three!” she blows sharply in their face. That tells the cub to stop fooling around or she is going to swat him across the yard. When people do it to cubs, the cub stops squirming for fear of what comes next.

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