Concrete steps awaited for phasing out China’s tiger farms

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THE HAGUE, Netherlands, June 1 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The International Tiger Coalition, a coalition of 35 organizations working to save wild tigers, welcomes China’s public statement in support its successful 14- year tiger trade ban. The coalition calls on the Chinese government to follow its statement with action by rejecting a pending petition by tiger farm investors that seeks to overturn the country’s ban so they can sell products made from the 5,000 captive-bred tigers held in these facilities.

On the eve of the world’s largest international wildlife trade meeting here, the China Daily on Thursday quoted China’s State Forestry Administration spokesman Liu Xiongying as saying that the government remains committed to its ban, in spite of intense pressure from tiger farm investors to lift it.

This statement contradicts China’s submission on tigers to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), which makes a case for lifting the country’s highly successful 14-year ban on domestic trade in tiger parts and products. Delegates from 171 nations will meet in The Hague between June 3-15 to discuss international wildlife trade and conservation issues.

“It is important that China act consistently, by publicly clarifying for CITES delegates its plans to keep the ban in place and destroy stockpiles of tiger products to demonstrate its commitment to saving wild tigers,” said Dr. Susan Lieberman, director of the Global Species Programme for World Wildlife Fund.

The 35 organizations of the International Tiger Coalition stand ready to offer guidance and technical support to China on shutting down its tiger farms and stepping up law enforcement efforts to stamp out illegal trade of tiger parts. International Tiger Coalition

CONTACT: Jan Vertefeuille of World Wildlife Fund, +31-626-529-338; or
Judy Mills of Save the Tiger Fund, +31-655-933-423, both of International
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