General inquiries: Please email or call 813.920.4130 We are located at 12802 Easy St. Tampa, FL 33625 but all visits must be reserved and prepaid here:

Get in touch with us for any concern, inquiry, or suggestion.

If you want us to call you please indicate your contact number

Injured or Orphaned Bobcats or Florida Panthers ONLY 813.493.4564 or 813.323.3263  Note: It’s illegal to relocate a wild cat just because you saw one.  We can only rescue them if they have been orphaned or injured and they have to be returned to the same place when they’ve healed.  They help keep rabies vector animals in check, so they are good neighbors.  Find out more at

Press / Media Contact: 813.431.2720  (Do NOT use this line for tickets or general info.  You will just be directed back to the main info at the top of the page)



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