Cougar 9-12th Grade Math


Read the article about the cougar at  or print out PDF

Cougars kill their prey by stalking it to within 30 feet and then pouncing upon it. If a cougar’s prey is 90 feet away, and “R” represents the rate of speed a cougar can run, which of these equations can be used to represent this information? “T” = time to contact with prey.

1. T= R (90-30)
2. T= (R x 30) – 90
3. T=(R x 90) – 30
4. T = R + (90 – 30)

Cougars swim well be prefer to avoid the water. To avoid swimming, this cougar has traveled around this lake following paths “B” and “C”. If the distance “A” is 3 miles and “B” is 4 miles, what is the distance for “C”?
Use the Pythagorean theorem to solve your problem

1. 2 miles
2. 3 miles
3. 4 miles
4. 5 miles


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