Cougar Grade 3 to 5 Math

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In this article, there is a sentence “Sight is its most acute sense with a good sense of hearing”

Acute means

•  Having a sharp point

•  Sensitive

•  Perceptive

•  Of great importance


A cougar female has produced 20 kittens. IF cougars give birth every other year and average two kittens per litter, which of the following would be used to determine how many kittens per year were born over a 5-year period? (The / symbol means division)

1. (20×3) / 5
2. (20/2) x 3
3. (20 /2) / 3
4. (2×3) / 20


Cougars can leap 18 feet into a tree. That is three times as far as another cat can leap. What formula shows how far this other cat can jump?

1. 18 x 3
2. 18 / 3
3. 6 x 3
4. 6 / 18



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