Dec 11 2016

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Big Cat Health Updates

TJ and Priya didn't eat yesterday morning, but did eat in the evening.

Diablo the Savannah Cat Notes: tried and missed catching a squirrel, and after was limping slightly on his back right foot, not wanting to put his full weight on it  Reported By: Jocelin/Mel

Cat Bio Page Updates

The cat bio pages have been updated with audio recordings of the cats stories on these pages:

Andy Tiger

Charaka Tiger

Dryden and Kewlona Bobcat

Gabrielle Tiger

Josie Cougar

Nabisco Bobcat

Priya Tiger

Sassy Cougar

Seth Tiger

Smalls Bobcat


The FREE Virtual Tour App Has Been Updated

With this free tour app you can see and hear the stories of all of the cats at Big Cat Rescue! Be sure to update yours, or download it here:




Animal Communicator Barbara Sho ) visited Big Cat Rescue and delivered a message to the keepers from the cats.


Mrs Claws - From Bobcat Kitten to Adult Bobcat

Recorded by Susann Mesna via the web cam: February 2016 – November 2016  Mrs Claws – Missy

Well that was just heart warming; mostly as I thought about how diligent you and the others have been in keeping an eye on her as she's grown up.  I'm happy to report that yesterday, when I walked around the cage that Mrs Claws and Nabisco share, they were cuddled in the den and had no interest in me whatsoever.  Both of them had been so needy of human attention, but now that they have each other they are it should be.

Nikita and Her Vulture 2016 12 10


Animal Abusers Are Saying We Used an Electric Prod

Animal Abusers Are Saying We Used and Electric Prod during a FB LIVE feed to move Priya tiger from her transport cage upon arrival and nothing could be further than the truth.  You can tell it is a twig if you freeze the frame toward the end. You can see that it isn't straight.

Sometimes we use a backscratcher, and at first that's what I thought it was, but they aren't bent like that.  This is the type backscratcher we use and we just touch the cats with it. They don't want to be touched as all, so will often move away from anything we use to touch them. This is the kind we buy:

Mostly we use those to help old cats with their grooming, if they will tolerate being touched.

We don't even own an electric prod, nor would we use one.  That's what the circus carnies and the back yard breeders use so it's ironic that their minds went there first in their accusation.


Big Cat News from Around the World


Another day, another dead wildlife ranger. Where is the outrage?

Rehabilitated Amur tiger Zolushka has shed her tracking collar.

Did publicity lead to tiger poisoning? The deaths of two adult tigers at Umblebailu village near Bhadravati, which were often sighted in the Bhadra Tiger Reserve and popular on the social media, has shocked wildlife experts across the state. Blaming the forest department for popularising the sightings and putting its pictures on WhatsApp frequently, they say this had triggered fear and panic in the villages and so the tigers were poisoned.

The Atlanta Zoo on Friday announced the death of a Sumatran tiger.  Kavi, a 15-year-old tiger, was euthanized.

Cocky zookeeper screams in terror as lion breaks through gate and leaps at him.



Viva la France!


Susann Mesna found this French show about the big cat crises and we are doing about it.  Shout out to our Green Level Keeper, Marie, for interpreting.  If the video won't play try this:

It begins at 2:31:00 with bisons and pets at the White House. At 2:32:45, they speak about the fact that in several states, anyone can owns exotic pets, and one can hear Adam Robert, director of Born Free USA, saying that these owners don't realized that it's not right to have exotic animals as pets. At 2:35:05 is a short video of Big Cat Rescue, shown as one of the US sanctuaries who keeps these wild animals when their private owners don't want them anymore.


BIG CAT Christmas! - Big Cat TV from 8 Years Ago



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