Dec 12 2016

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Keeper Notes

Priya ate 4.4lbs boneless chicken breast w PM meds.

Hoover's new platform is done and he loves the lower level.

The transport cage and the outside hospital cage were cleaned and disinfected.

The cooler guy did not show up to put in on off switch, but Honey called and another guy came out and turned up the temp a little to 41 degrees.

Sue M

Zouletta Serval Notes: she walked into lockout but would not eat. kept looking over her shoulder at middle den. there was nothing there that we could see.AM Refused food. PM Ate 3.1 oz gd beef and red and chicken breast Reported By: barbie/Becky

Priya Tiger busted open about an inch long area in her stitches, so Dr Boorstein is sewing her back up. She had a highly resistant bacteria when we removed the 20 lb hydrometra a few weeks ago that would not allow her to heal the incision. We thought we had the infection under control, but when Dr Boorstein got a better look at her just now, he's really worried. He even went as far to say that he doesn't know if she will survive. Watch and sending healing thoughts to her at

Gabrielle Tiger gets Xrays and sonogram at Big Cat Rescue. Watch more at They wanted to be sure she wasn't pregnant and that she wasn't suffering from a huge swollen uterus, like Priya had been. More about Gabrielle's rescue at

Thank You for the Comedic Break Silver

christmas cambu

Videos from

Hoover Baths

I wanted to make a “12 Baths with Hoover” but the silly song only had 8 verses so it ended up being Baths with Hoover. Make sure to watch all the way to the end.

Recorded: 2016

I Love You, Dr. Justin But Next Time, BRING CHICKEN 2016 12 12

Nikita Showing the Vulture How Big Her Teeth Are

Recorded: December 12. 2016  The videos above were by Susann Mesna, the ones below are by Ruxandra

Sapphire Rolling in a Funny Way

Sapphire In the Morning

TJ Sneezing

Sapphire Playing With the Red Ball

Hoover, First Time We Saw Him Swimming After Healing From Surgery


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