Dec 14 2016

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Big Cat Keeper Notes

Priya went back outside to the enclosure across from Cameron & Zabu this morning. She ate her full diet today and took her meds well but is drinking alot. She drank 3 bowls of water before noon. Jamie said to give her a couple of blood Ciccles each day to keep her occupied and prevent her messing with her stitches.

The transport cage and both hospitals were thoroughly cleaned. The transport, ratchet strap and extra clip wire were put under the golf cart cover by food prep.

The project group finished painting the Modglin this morning and it was checked, so partly deep cleaned food prep as a second project. They did a decent amount but there are still some areas that need doing, the windows, a few patches on the floor that need to be scrubbed, the faucets need to be scrubbed with bar keepers friend (the sinks themselves were done) etc. In the afternoon they spent time on the sanctuary, had a tour, watched some operant being done and some christmas trees being handed out. They left for the day around 4 PM

Ciccles were made for the tours this weekend, the fridge is filled but we are out of blood so we need to make sure to keep what we can from food prep.

The sod was watered for a good half an hour today but is still very dry.

The pork was still frozen when food prep was done so Zeus needs his PM diet made for tomorrow.  Extra pork was also pulled to Grind as we are running low.

We are out of chicken breast so extra thighs were pulled to substitute.

Most of the cats ate well today but TJ was very picky as was Little Dove.

Zouletta had a few foamy vomit piles in her enclosure this morning and didn't eat particularly well so we should keep an eye on her.

That's it from me :)  Thanks!  - Lauren Buckingham

In Memory Of Chief Spotted Eye

Thanksgiving night, we set out to rescue a Florida bobcat that got hit by a car. He had many injuries, but we were determined to do whatever it took to help him. Unfortunately he was suffering more than we thought, and we are saddened by him loss.

Learn more about this tragic story here:


Photo by Silver Marshal

Since everyone is missing the kittens in the Kitten Cabana here is a video I (Susann Mesna) recorded on their last day there. Btw we all love this intern who's so good with the kittens!




Kittens love the interns. Recorded December 8. 2016

The following videos were recorded by Ruxandra via the LIVE web cams:

I recorded Hoover swimming, was a beautiful light at that time and he stayed a little longer than the first time he swim after surgery and he was roaring a lot, was so good to see him

and Spirit Feather was again chatty for a few moments

Big Cat Rescue on the News


CBS Channel 10  streamed live to their Facebook page while at the sanctuary and aired the story linked below on the television news at noon.


Scientific Reports on Lion Trophy Hunting




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