Dec 15 2016

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Big Cat Keeper's Log

2016 priya tiger"Work group finished painting so today they cleaned food prep, cleaned the rat room, organized the small freezer, counted whole prey and chicken, cut palmettos, and helped cut duck wire for lockouts.

Possible projects for tomorrow:

  • More palmettos they really enjoyed this project.
  • Raking where they cut today in servals.
  • Cleaning all the golf carts.
  • I also have signs that need to be put up.
  • We need to grind pork and lamb.

We are out of chicken breast put in order today until then use thighs.

Most of the cats ate well today except TJ, hopefully he will eat more tomorrow.

Party house group was here from 8:30 am till 4:00 pm. They did a fairly good job of cleaning up after themselves. Will need to pick up trash tomorrow please.

That is it for today!"  Kathryn


Humane Society of the United States Protecting Bobcats

2016 hoover tigerHow you can help as the session kicks off:  If you can find 15 minutes, please write and mail two cards, one to your state representative and one to your state senator (a real, snail-mail card is best, although an email or a phone call is great too).

The message? Something like this, in your own words: “As your constituent, I ask that you make animal protection bills a priority this session. Thanks and I wish you a successful session.” Cards like this DO make a difference in raising the profile of our issues, so sincere thanks in advance for your help.

The HSUS’ priority bill:  The HSUS’ has been leading the charge to pass legislation that would protect bobcats by prohibiting the commercial sale of their pelts and prohibiting trapping of bobcats. This legislation is sponsored by Senator Don Harmon and will be reintroduced at the start of the Spring 2017 session.


Who owns "working cats"?


Three Hoover Tiger Swims

Today we have a triple swim with lots of loud mooing from Hoover.  All 3 within the same hour. Recorded by Susann Mesna from on  December 14. 2016

You, YES YOU, can record great videos like this to.  Go to and click on the "Tiger Lake" streaming cam.


TJ Getting Ready to Pounce, WAIT For It, Wait For It!

TJ can hear and smell Hoover on the other side of the fence. He’s getting ready to pounce... but will he do it?  Recorded by Susann Mesna from on December 14. 2016



Facebook Live Winner

Rae Lynn St Clair was our winner today with name and species of the four footed founder of Big Cat Rescue, which was Windsong Bobcat.



Help The Cats At NO COST To YOU

A wonderful way to support the cats at no cost to you is to go to your account and sign up for Amazon Smile to have .5% of your purchases donated to Big Cat Rescue.

It is easy to set up.  Once you do, instead of going to to shop, in the future you go to Everything at Smile is exactly the same as you are used to at Amazon, same products, same prices.  If you have a Prime account, it will still be there in Smile. The ONLY difference is that .5% of your purchases are donated by Amazon to Big Cat Rescue – ZERO cost to you, but it sure adds up for the cats.

To sign up for Smile just go to and log in with your usual Amazon ID and password.


Once you have signed up, you should go to to make your purchases instead of

Just typing Smile into your browser instead of Amazon should take you there, or bookmark the URL,

or, after you select Big Cat Rescue, you may see a screen like the one below inviting you to download a shortcut to


Want to access your Smile account from an iPhone or iPad?  Easy!

Open Safari and go to

Log in with your Amazon login

Hit the SHARE icon at the bottom of the screen (the square with the arrow pointing up)


Hit the Add to Home Screen icon (the square with rounded edges with the + sign in it)

You will see an icon direct to your Smile account (including Prime if you have it) on your phone’s home screen.


If you have the regular Amazon app on your phone, it is a good idea to delete it so you do not forget and go there. works the same as and has all the same products. The only difference is that it sends a half percent of your purchase to Big Cat Rescue. This has become a meaningful source of support that you can add to at no cost to you.

Please sign up and urge people you know to do so. It is such a great way to help the cats financially with no extra cost to you.



Need Help Explaining the Cub Issue to Your Friends?


Do you ever have trouble explaining to other why petting cubs is the root cause of so much big cat suffering?

Here is a printable flyer that makes it really simple.



Christmas Cover Photo for Facebook


These Christmas Facebook cover photos were made in Dec 2015, but thought you might like one of the to use for Christmas this year, too..



Kid's Corner

Here is free coloring page for the wee ones to enjoy.  Click on the small picture to get the full 8" x 10" version to print.

Free Coloring Page for kids - Cougar

Question:  Can you name all the cougars that live at Big Cat Rescue?

Answer:  Ares, Artemis, Aspen Echo, Josie, Mac, Mickey, Orion, Reise, and Sassy Cougar.

Fun Facts - Cougar:  

  • The cougar is a cat with many names.  Cougar, Mountain lion, American lion, Puma, Panther, Painter, Catamount, Painter, Screamer, Western Cougar, Florida Panther, and a few others.
  • The cougar is extremely agile and has great jumping power and may leap from the ground up to a height of 18 feet into a tree.
  • It is a good swimmer but prefers not to enter the water.
  • Sight is its most acute sense with a good sense of hearing, but is thought to have a poorly developed sense of smell.


a-playball Quick Link Reminders

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