Dec 17 2016

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Keeper's Log

Hoover Tiger is seeing the vets again today because his penis just won't stay sheathed, even after the previous surgery, and we fear it could dry up and not work at all for him, which would be awful.  You will be able to watch the surgery LIVE today at noon ET at


On Dec. 10, Barbara Shor an Animal Communicator and veterinarian of came to speak to our volunteers and brought them this collective message from the cats.


"To the beloved people who care for us:

merry christmas priya tiger Jamie SudberryWe thank you for showing up. It is you who make our lives worthwhile and more comfortable.

We thank you.

We have all come here for a specific purpose: to heal our own lives and to educate people about who we are. We may not speak in words to most people, but our presence is enough. It is our beauty and intelligence that attracts people, but in the end, it is our hearts and souls that engage them.

What we want you to know is that each and every act of kindness and compassion feeds our souls. It is what sustains us after difficult lives and situations. We are eternally grateful for the love and respect we are shown here.

You may think that you do not have the ability to speak with us in this way, but we assure you that it is not necessary to communicate in words. When you love an animal, or anyone for that matter, the heart is opened and then a communion occurs. If you can stay open to receiving whatever information wants to come to you, you will know far more than you would have known otherwise.

The mind is a powerful tool and it is necessary for operating in this three dimensional world of form and physicality. However it is the heart and the soul that guide the way, when you are willing to pay attention. When you engage in this manner, perhaps calling it intuition or simply “a knowing” you will be tapping into wisdom that extends far beyond the limits of the mind. You may then access universal consciousness, the word of the divine, whatever you choose to call it.

What we now encourage you to do is to let yourself get quiet enough to hear that subtle voice inside of you that is always ready to guide you. Many people have been so discouraged from listening to this voice and to, instead, listen to the opinions and perspectives of others, that they deny their own internal knowing. But this ability is in everyone.

Sometimes it comes as a simple thought that may seem as if it is your own. Sometimes in a dream or a waking vision. Sometimes it comes as words or ideas or metaphors or images.

In time, you will learn to know your own vocabulary, your own way of listening and seeing. It is then that you will hear our voices and know us in a very different and much deeper way. You will no longer question what is true. Eventually you will simply know it.

We love you and appreciate you more than you know. Thank you for loving us and for taking the time to care for us. We only hope that being with us will benefit you as much as it benefits us."


She also spoke a little about what the animals have taught her about death and dying:

All is in perfect order and timing.

They do not carry resentment or blame.

They appreciate any act of kindness.

They do not hold onto the body and they need for others to let go.


film-125x125 Videos From Viewers

These cute videos were recorded and sent to us from a couple of PAWSOME Big Cat Friends who watch our live cams at YOU CAN watch those live cams, too.  Go to to find the direct links to each big cat cam.  The three fun videos below were recorded from the "Vacation Rotation" Live Streaming Cam.

VIDEO ONE:  Jasmine Swimming & Climbing on Her Den

CHALLENGE:  CAN YOU find Jasmine in the first 30-ish seconds of this video.  It is like a 'Where's Waldo'!

I recorded Jasmine yesterday swimming, climbing on her den, she is precious, so active and happy. I also record some moments with her early in the morning, walking by the lake, was a beautiful reflection of her in the lake and the ducks were swimming, then she check the trees, one platform, she was enjoying her beautiful morning in vacation. Have a wonderful weekend, Ruxandra

VIDEO TWO:  Jasmine Walking by the Lake Sporting a BEAUTIFUL Reflection


VIDEO THREE:  The Very First Day of Jasmine’s Vacation

This video is hilarious, especially when you see what causes a keeper to go running.

Recorded: December 15. 2016 by Susann Mesna

NOTE TO Ruxandra & Susan:  THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for consistently getting great footage of the cats and sending it to us.  Your time and effort IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!!  Keep up the amazing job!!


film_slate-125x125 FACEBOOK Live Videos

There were three live Facebook videos today.  Find their replays at



Last Minute Holiday Shopping That Helps Save Cats

1)  Shopping in the cats' gift shop provides fund to help cats for their needs while giving you some really pawsome unique gifts for your friends and family.  Visit our online gift today to finish up your holiday shopping. Use coupon code HOLIDAYGRR for 10% off any order. Deal ends Sunday! Order today to ensure your gifts arrive in time for Christmas.

christmas order dec 16

2)  If you do your last minute shopping through Amazon, did you know Amazon has a program where they will match a percentage of your sale price and donate it to the cats, at NO COST to YOU? Learn more about Smile Amazon at


 lskidsxmascandycane-small Pages on BCR's Website That Have Been Updated

ONE:  The page "What is a Day Like at Big Cat Rescue?" has been updated.  Have you ever wondered what a day volunteering at Big Cat Rescue is really like?  What goes on, etc.  Well, here is a partial recap of a day at Big Cat Rescue. After you read the page, you are invited to post a comment or question at the bottom of the page.  We LOVE YOUR Feedback.

TWO:  "Critical Incident Hurricane and Disaster Plan" People often ask what we do in the case of severe storms or hurricanes.   Here is a complete answer to that question.

THREE:  Spirit Feather's page as been updated.

FOUR:  Did you know BCR uses solar energy?


FUN FACTS - Big Cat Rescue's History


Big Cat Rescue did not start out as what it has become today.  My beliefs, and the sanctuary that reflects them, evolved over time.  It involved lessons that came from what I view today as horrible mistakes.  Learn about the mistakes we made, what we learned from them and how it shaped our views and actions today.  This link will take you through our eye opening journey from being part of the exotic cat problem to understanding there was a problem and figuring out how to become part of the solution.

If you read no other link on this page, PLEASE read this one:

10-small Big Cat Kids - Write A Letter To Santa Stationery

Children enjoy writing letters to Santa.  Here is some fun stationery you can print for your wee ones to write their letters on. Click on one of the small photo below to see all 32 sheets.  There are sheets with Santa, Rudolf, Frosty, tiddler elves, tween elves, big cats, candy canes and more.  We tried to vary the styles so everyone could have a unique page.  We are open to suggestions.

santapaper_43  santapaper_23  santapaper_7



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