Dec 18 2016

Keeper’s Log

Nala Serval is doing great.  You would never even guess that she broke a leg, given how well she’s healed and gotten back to chasing everything that moves in her enclosure.

Mickey Cougar loves his keepers but shys away from strangers.  He’s set back from the tour path where he’s more comfortable, so we are creating some big signs for the tour path that illustrate his story to go along with the audio that is played to guests on the tour app.

Joseph Lion has been doing very well.  He and Cameron have enjoyed many dueling roaring sessions.  Neither of them are good eaters, but their keepers baby them to be sure they consume all that they will.

Priya Tiger has beaten the odds and is doing fantastic.  She’s been naughty, by jumping up on top of her den, much to the dismay of the vet team, but she likes the view from up there and just sticks her tongue out at us when we tell her she’s not ready for that sort of activity yet.

Hoover Tiger is locked in his roofed section and has to stay there for a week.  He cannot have access to the lake for swimming for a week.   He is also getting pain meds.   His manhood kept getting stuck outside the sheathe, despite the previous surgery 2 weeks ago, so Dr. Justin tried something different. While Hoover was sleeping, Dr. Tammy Miller checked his eyes and said they are perfect, and Dr. Angelica cleaned his teeth.

Hoover ate about 6 pounds this morning which is great for him, but it is still only half of what we want him to eat so the keepers will continue to offer him more food later in the day.

Sabre Leopard is enjoying Funcation.  Sabre is the oldest cat here right now. He is 24 years old; that is like being about 120 years old in human years.

Sundari Leopard had a great time in Funcation but is now very content and happy to be back home.

Nabisco and Mrs. Claws (a.k.a. Missy) are still enjoying their Christmas tree. They spent quite a bit of time playing under it this morning.  Nabisco and Mrs. Claws’ enclosures are connected by an overhead tunnel.  Nabisco loves napping up there.  He sure does a lot of purring up there.

TJ is still not eating very well so the vets are discussing more dental work for him and for other cats as well.  Several cats need dental work.  There is a special dentist that does tiger teeth and can do several cats in the same day.  But the problem with that is we only have one transport cage.  The cats have to stay in that until they fully wake up from the anesthesia, sometimes they have to stay in it until the next day.  But when a specialist group like that comes in they want to do multiple cats in the same day and without multiple transport cages we cannot do that.  We have some plans we got from Wildcat Sanctuary and Loving Friends to have some built but they will cost around $5,500 to $7,000 each.  This is an issue we are having some discussions about.  We’ll keep you updated.

Mac Cougar is 20 years old and is incontinent so long-time keeper, Matt (Mac’s favorite keeper), comes in faithfully to change out Mac’s bedding.

Keepers saw flies around Sassy Caracal‘s bottom and since she has been spayed that narrows down the reasons for that.  She is 22 years old so we do not want to stress her any more than absolutely necessary so we are, for now, watching her closely and she is on an antibiotic.

Spirit Feather is doing great. Jaime is still checking out release sites for her.

Many of you have asked about Gale.  Good News: GALE IS BACK from vacation!


film-125x125 Facebook Live Walkabout Video

TODAY, Carole did a live walkabout video to see many of the cats above.

157-transparent Projects

Sassy Caracal is closed out of the back section of her enclosure so that section can get some repairs done.

Wire has been put around feeding lockouts to keep the ducks and vultures from sticking their heads in to steal the cats’ food.  The wire for that has ran about $10 to $15 per lockout.  So with 100 lockouts it has been an expensive project.  Projects like this have been made possible by all of you who have donated.


kitten-face Request To Viewers

At the bottom of this page is a comments area, or the comments areas on the social media posts, PLEASE, let us know what you like about these updates pages so we learn more about what you want on them.


film-125x125 Video From Christmas Past

This video was made by Chris from Cole & Marmalade back in 2012 and continues to be a popular video today on

This is truly a FUN VIDEO, we hope you enjoy it.

10-small Save 10% TODAY on Your Last Minute Holiday Shopping

PURR-chases through our online gift shop help us provide for the needs of the cats as well as helps fund our mission to get new laws that will put an end to so much abuse.

Check out the fun and unique holiday gifts at Use the coupon code HOLIDAYGRR to save 10% on all your purr-chases, today. There are gifts for the young and the young at heart.  There is quite a large variety of goodies to choose from.


film-125x125 Videos From Viewers

THANK YOU Ruxandra Nicolae for four videos from 

VIDEO ONE:  Jasmine Tiger sitting so elegant and beautiful on the tunnel den

VIDEO TWO:  Jasmine Tiger waking up and sitting so relaxed on the platform, visited by a squirrel, then taking a quick dip in the pond

VIDEO THREE:  Jasmine Tiger watching the handsome Texans boys

VIDEO FOUR:  Jasmine Tiger grooming after breakfast


000057-0033-000058 Big Cat Cams

Find Links to ALL the live streaming big cat cams at:


04d5_c4bl_130420-100x100 Why Can’t We Just Set the Cats Free?

This is a question we frequently hear on social media.  I know you have heard that question, too.  Here is a page that will help you answer people’s when they ask ” Why can’t you just set them free?”

The link is easy to remember.  It is simply our website plus the two words “go free” like this

Did you know?

Did YOU Know?  Facebook shows our posts to only a fraction of the people who have “Liked” our page?  That is typical of most pages.  That is how Facebook gets people to buy ads.  We try to avoid buying Facebook ads unless it is a really important Action Alert.

Did YOU Know? When you help us answer people’s questions on our posts you are actually encouraging Facebook to show our posts to more people?  Pages that have more interaction among page visitors get put into more people’s feeds.  So, by helping us answer questions you are not only helping teach others about the important big cat issues you are also helping us reach more people.

Keep us the great work, Everyone! YOU ARE Making A Difference!


bp_xm_09_bow_019-100x100 Big Cat Kids

This is a mini Windows PC software program for kids to make PURR-sonalized bookmarks as gifts and/or Christmas Tree ornaments with African Serval cat photos and and decorate them by dragging and dropping Christmas clipart onto the serval photos and then printing them.  They can even add in a text message that will print on their bookmark ornament.

The program is easy to use.  Kids simply drag and drop one of the many serval photos onto the bookmark. Then drag and drop some Christmas clipart onto the serval, type in a text message, then click print.  That’s it, very easy.

Christmas Craft for kids to make bookmarks and Christmas tree ornaments

NOTE: The only thing that prints is the actual bookmark, the rest of the photos and clipart does not print so as not to waste your ink.


Last, simply punch a hole in the top where the red dot is, then tie a piece of ribbon or string through it.  Kids can then give it away as a gift bookmark, or hang it on the tree.  They also make cute name tags gifts.  There are a lot of serval photos and a lot of clipart so the kids can make as many as they want.

Download the zip file, double click to unzip it.  There is only one small file inside the zip file.  After it is unzipped, simply double click the one file and follow on screen instructions.  The program runs entirely self contained from that one file.

Again this is for computers running Windows PC.  It does not work on Mac, tablets, or phones.

This file is less that 1.5 mb so it is very small.

Download now:

If you need tech support for this little kids’ craft program please email directly and she will be happy to help you.


a-playball Quick Link Reminders

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