Dec 22 2016

Keeper’s Log

Zouletta Serval is still in the hospital being monitored closely.  Yesterday AM she ate .7ozs of red & 1 oz gr beef/red.  At Noon-ish Afton tried to hide her pills in the food but Zouletta was too smart for that. PM Ate 2.5 oz red pcs.  NOTE:  Below in the “VIEWER VIDEO” section is a video of Aston feeding her.

Zouletta ate another 4 ozs of red meat and ground meat over night.  GOOD GIRL, Zouletta!!

Hoover ate an additional 3 pounds of chicken and red meat yesterday afternoon when he took his meds for the keeper.  GOOD BOY, HOOVER!!

Frosty Serval Vet Visit

 Frosty was reported as having vomited on Monday and then refused food yesterday and today.  Frosty had been sneaky for the a couple days, too. He was taking his food and hiding it in his enclosures and the keepers had to hunt for it to find out whether he had eaten it or not.

He was sedated for an exam this afternoon.  Nothing abnormal was found, X-rays and and ultrasound study have been submitted to specialists for a consult.  His blood work indicated mild kidney disease and mild liver value elevations.  He will recover in the cat hospital for a few days where we can monitor his behavior and eating until the results from the consult come back.  He has been prescribed meds and fluids.  As soon as we know more you we will post it.

There is a video of Frosty’s vet visit lower in this page in the “VIEWER VIDEO” section.

Yesterday, Zeus Tiger enjoyed a snack of 2.5 pounds of chicken while taking his eye drops.  If you have never seen how to give daily eye drops to a tiger check out this short one minute video to see how the keeper does that.  The video is from Sept 2016 but this is a process that happens every single day.  These eye drops are really expensive.  Those of you who have donated & those who have sponsored Zeus, YOU Make This Possible!  THANK YOU!

Yesterday, TJ Tiger ate 6.6 pounds for breakfast AND another 6 pounds later in the day.  HURRAY!!  Way to go, TJ!!!   That makes 12.6 pounds for TJ for the day!  That is much closer to what he should be eating.  YAY!!

Yesterday, Little White Dove Bobcat left a softball size of her mush and her cut up chicken. However, she ate her red meat.

Yesterday, Nirvana Ocelot ate 11.2 oz of her mush and cut up chicken.  Then this morning for breakfast she ate 12.3 ozs of her mush and pork.

TJ refused all of his breakfast this morning, so the keepers have their work cut out for them today trying to get him to eat.

This morning Keeper Nanci noticed a scrape on Andre‘s forehead so that is being checked on.  NOTE:  EVERYTHING like this gets logged in our real time computer system.  When the keeper added this note into the system an email about it automatically went to Gale, Carole, the Coordinators and the vets.

Gabrielle Tiger has been moved a couple enclosure down.  While Priya was away she had access to Pryia‘s enclosures, too.  Won’t Priya have fun re-marking everything!! 😉

Priya ate all her breakfast except she left the mush.  Priya‘s left overs were measured and charted before being discarded.  REMEMBER:  When the keeper logged that in the chart everyone got that alert email.  So now everyone knows she needs a snack offered later in the day.

This morning, Little White Dove appeared to be eating weird so Keeper Karma took a video of it and sent it right to Jaime.  She then used a feeding stick to feed Little White Dove her food cut into very small pieces.  She is 19 years old, almost 20.

Breezy Bobcat, who is over 20 years old appeared to possibly has a slight limp this morning so she was put on the chart to be checked on as well.

This morning Cameron ate all his breakfast except for left one chicken thigh.

NOTE:  The cats get two or three kinds of meat at every meal.  They get some kind of poultry, big chunks of red meat the looks like super big extra lean roasts, and mush.  The mush us a special ground mixture of meat that has extra vitamins etc.  Each cat is different.  Some eat the red chunk meat first, some eat the mush first, and some eat the poultry first.


 NOTE TO VIEWERS:  Preparing meals for this many cats when everything has to be weighed, measured, logged, some cats’ need their meat de-boned and cut up, etc it is quite a daily project.  NOTE:  In the comments at the bottom of this page, let me know if you want to see video of how the cat food prep is done.  If some of you want to see that process I’ll find the video and post on tomorrow’s update.  LET ME KNOW in the comments below!!



Adding mulch around cat cages.  NOTE:  This helps prevent so much mud when we get days and days of heavy rain.  Being in Florida when the days and days of rains come, and they do, it is almost like a monsoon.  We do have drainage plans in place such as drainage trenches, pumps, etc.  Those get regularly checked and maintained so that when a storm comes we are ready without having to make mad dash to get ready.  NOTE:  All cats have elevated dens so that even in the heaviest rains they can stay nice and dry.  LOL, UNLESS you are a tiger who just loves going out and romping in the rain.

We are finishing up painting in the cougars cage, still need to rake that entire section of the cage when painting is complete.  NOTE:  We paint the cages with Rustoleum paint to prevent future rust.  This is a very time consuming project and with this many enclosures, someone is almost always painting somewhere.  As you can imagine, we go through quite a lot of Rustoleum paint.  It is worth it though to know the enclosures are protected.  Our dedicated interns are truly angels they do these ongoing paint projects without every complaining.

Putting fresh sand in Big Cat dens.  You should see the cats after they get fresh sand in their dens.  They roll around and scratch around in it until they have it just the way they want it.  When it is cold they get straw too.  Wow, the cats LOVE that!  Thankfully, in Florida it rarely gets too cold.

Raking and pulling  sticks from the roofs of all the cages.  This is another ongoing project that gets done frequently.  This has to be done on a quite regular basis to make sure the tops of the cages stay free and clear of any debris.  NOTE:  Doing general grounds cleanup like this on a daily basis means that if a severe storm blows in there will not be random things to blow around preventing potential hazard for both humans and cats.

Did You Know?  We have the tools to do these kinds or ongoing projects BECAUSE of YOU!!  ALL of you make what we do here possible!  Without YOUR HELP we could not do these things.  Projects like this take ladders, rakes, barrels, various small tools, vehicle, etc..  YOU have made these tools possible!  Let me tell you, these tools get a LOT of use, too.

With 67 acres to maintain there are multiple maintenance projects going on all day every day.  The above is just a small sampling.


 Example of How Structured Our Volunteer Program Is

We have a special internal logging system that EVERYONE checks when they first arrive on the property EVERY DAY.  It is a form of communication to make sure ALL of us are ALWAYS on the same page.  It helps the ‘left hand’ know what the ‘right hand’ is doing at all times.  Information about cat moves, special feeding instructions, which cats are on the special observation sheets and why.  If a cat is supposed to have food cut in a certain way, etc.  How much the cats ate.  EVERYTHING a keeper needs to know about EVERY cat or general info is kept updated there in real time so at any time the vets, coordinators, Carole, etc can tell at a glance if there is an issue that needs quick attention.  Even whether a cat pooped that day or not can be quickly found there.  This is a very detailed and elaborate system that enables each cat to get the best care possible.

Jamie Veronica added a new post to Important Updates:

Jamie’s Note to Volunteers:  Volgistics Service Goals Inaccurate:  There was a glitch with the system in the middle of the month and the green status bar stopped updating to reflect hours volunteered.  Do not worry, your hours are still logged and still count.  To see your exact hours follow the instructions below.  We have contacted Volgistics and hope to have the goal bar fixed soon. Click on the tab titled My Service History to view your volunteer service information including a status bar that indicates how close you are to meeting the current month’s minimum required hours for your level, your volunteer start date, your year-to-date volunteer hours, and your life-time volunteer hours. You can also review your past volunteer service by year.  The status bar at the top of this page will show you how close you are to meeting the current month’s minimum required hours.  Once you have reached the minimum hours for the current month you will not see additional hours here, however, do not worry, your hours are still being recorded.  To see your total hours simply scroll to the bottom of the page, past all of the status bars to the section titled Service by Year.  Here you will see your grand total of volunteer hours for the year.  For a more detailed report that displays each day you volunteered and the hours you volunteered for click on the link below this section titled 2012, 2013, or so on. So far only your start date has been entered into your record.


If YOU would like to know more about how we operate, how we care for the cats, in more detail, you can take out keeper training lessons yourself.  You can find much of our keeper training is posted as online video and text lessons at or go to the shortcut URL is  Anyone can take those classes. It is only $9/mo and you can cancel at any time.  ALL the funds raised there help us care for the cats.  Going through those video and text lessons you will learn the training we setup for our keepers here.



For today’s challenge download the PDF flyer at and then do one of the following things:

  • Email it to one friend and ask them to read it and then tell you what they thought about it.
  • Print it and give it to a friend and ask them if the info surprises them.
  • Create a post on YOUR Facebook, Instagram, or other social media page telling your friends about that flyer and asking them to read that flyer.

PLEASE, let us know if YOU took us up on the challenge, which of the three items you did and what the results were.

Feel free to use this graphic if you create a post: Videos

VIDEO ONE:  Nabisco & Mrs. Claws a.k.a. Missy

This is a video Afton made for us and posted on on Dec 6, 2016.  It is Bobcats, Nabisco and Mrs. Claws (a.k.a. Missy).

UPDATE: These two young bobcats have become fast friends.  They will keep each other from being bored through the coming years.  Mrs. Claws has been fixed so there will be no kittens.   We do not believe it is right to breed wild cats for life in cages so all cats here who share enclosures have been fixed.

VIDEO TWO:  Bobcat Rescue Call in Estero Florida

Several of you asked why Carole did not do a Facebook live video yesterday and why she was not on the comments.  This video shows you where she was and what she was doing.

When Carole Baskin gets a Bobcat Rescue Call in Estero Florida, come along for the ride to see how it goes.


 Viewer Videos from

VIEWER VIDEO ONE:  December 21 Highlights Compilation By Susann

This first video is a compilation of the highlights from Videos 2, 3, & 4 in case you don’t have tome to watch everything.  Susan put a lot of time and effort into creating this highlights video.

VIEWER VIDEO TWO:  Lazy Play In Kitten Cabana by Susann

VIEWER VIDEO THREE:  Something Smells So Good! by Susann

VIEWER VIDEO FOUR:   Kittens Sleeping While Lion Roars in Background by Susann

VIEWER VIDEO FIVE:  Afton Feeding Zouletta by Susann

VIEWER VIDEO SIX:  Frosty Serval in Windsong Hospital by Susann


 Big Cat Kids

Today’s Big Cat Kids post is something that really touched my heart.  A precious youngster who fosters kittens with her mom.  She is a young lady making a big difference.  She is very dedicated the the kittens she fosters for their local shelter and gives each one the care, love, and attention they need to succeed when they get to their furever homes.  We look forward to her possibly becoming an intern here when she is old enough.   She truly LOVED Jumanji and misses him.  She had a “Very Jumanji” Birthday!  This young lady is definitely an “Advocat” in the making!!  Such a young age and already fostering / saving kittens!!!


If you know a youngster who is making a difference for animals in your neck of the woods, be sure to encourage them, listen to them, talk to help, help them find info.  The kids of today who love animals will become the adults of tomorrow who will continue the fight to save the animals.


This little girl’s mom reached out to us and told us of her daughter’s love for Jumanji and her work fostering kittens for their local shelter.  Even after Jumanji left us this sweet little girl only wanted a Jumanji stuffed animal for her birthday.  This precious little girl devotes her time to saving kittens.  She and her mother want to inspire other kids to know, YOU ARE NEVER TOO YOUNG to make a difference for cats and you are NEVER TO YOUNG to teach others about about the cats.


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