Dec 23 2016

Keeper Log

Yesterday Frosty ate 2.5 red meat in the am and ate 6 ozs red and chicken in the pm.  This morning he ate 5 ozs of red meat and turkey.  He will be offered more food after while.

Yesterday, Zouletta took her morning meds like a good girl and ate.  However, this morning she only ate 2 ozs of ground beef.  She will, of course, be offered more food.

TJ refused to eat breakfast yesterday but later in the day at 3.3 pounds of chicken and red meat.  We want him to eat at least 10 to 12 pounds.  This morning Keepers Afton & Sarah reported that he ate 3 pounds 2 ozs of pork and red meat.  Keepers will try again after while to get him to eat more.

Priya Tiger has been cleared to go to her full home enclosure today!  See the video below.

Angie Bobcat at 11.9 oz of red meat and mush.  Angie Bobcat will be 24 years old in a couple of weeks.

After feeding this morning when keepers Brittany, Mark, & Sarah went back around checking to see who had left overs and see who might still be hungry and need more they found that King Tut had barely eaten anything.  So, they hung out with him coaxing him to finish bis breakfast.  He did then eat everything except a little bit of his mush.

This morning Zeus Tiger ate 5 pounds of red meat and pork snacks while getting his eye drops.  NOTE:  Did you see the video of how we give Zeus Tiger his daily eye drops?  It was posted recently on one of these update pages.

This morning Joseph Lion ate 3 pounds and 13 oz of red meat and cut up chicken quarters.  We would like him to eat at least 10 pounds so the keepers will try to get him to eat more later.  He is 18 years old.

This morning Little Dove Bobcat only ate 4.4 ozs so the keepers will offer her more food later, too.  Yesterday she ate 9.2 oz of ground chicken, mush, and pork.  Little Dove Bobcat is 23 years old, almost 24.

This morning Diablo left all of his mush so the keepers will take him more later.

This morning Banshee Bobcat left about a golf ball amount of her red meat chunks.  He is at least 18 years old.

We want Hoover Tiger to eat at least 14 pounds daily, so we will see if he does that today or not.  This morning he refused breakfast entirely.  The keepers have their work cut out for them taking him snacks and working with him today to try to get him to eat as much as possible.

This morning Keepers Brittany & Sarah reported that Sassy Caracal‘s water bowl was half empty which means lest night she drank more water than she normally does.

NOTE:  Just because a cat does not eat all their food one day does not mean they are sick, it means they were not hungry.  However, it can also mean something is wrong which is why we take not eating all their food as seriously as we do, just in case something is wrong.  We err on the side of caution and add them to the chart to watch more closely to see if they are behaving normally in all other ways.  Do they walk right, look right, are they alert, what is their poop like, did they play with Enrichment, etc.

Keepers Brittany and Sarah reported that Josie Cougar was pacing a lot after the transport wagon carrying Priya Tiger went by.  Josie is a new resident, too.  It takes the cats a little while to realize they are safe and nothing bad is going to happen.  However, the keepers will now try to distract her with the kind of an Enrichment goodies so she relaxes again.

Keepers Brittany and Sarah reported they only found 2 pieces of poop this morning for Mickey Cougar.  A second set of eyes will re-check Mickey’s enclosure to search for today’s poop.  If none is found he will go on the “No Poop” chart for the vets to check.   REMEMBER:  From the Animal Observation Training video that we collect the cats’ poop daily and if a cat does not have poop a second person goes to look.  If none is found the observation is charted so the cat can be checked on.

Did YOU watch the Animal Observation Training video on the updates page on Dec 21st?  If you did, PLEASE let us know in the comments at the bottom of the page so we know that you want us to keep adding things like that on these update pages.

NOTE:  Keepers shut the doors to the open topped enclosures now so that the cats cannot take their food out there and hide it fooling us into thinking they ate it all.  Because old cats tend to be difficult sometimes about eating enough we have to measure any leftovers and chart that for the vets to monitor.  Cats are also great at hiding symptoms of illness.  Often a cat is really sick before showing signs of being sick.  That is why it is important to carefully look at cats, their behavior, their eating amounts, and even their poop daily to catch any sign early.  If you watched the Animal Observation Training video on the updates page a few days ago we cover this issue more thoroughly in that.


 NOTE To Viewers:

You will notice that we have taken the time to make each cat’s name on these updates pages a hot link that will take you right to their bio page.  Hopefully, this makes it quick and easy for you to learn more about each cat.


 Announcing Today’s Facebook Winner

Sarah Prelutsky won today by being the first to guess 11/17/16 as the arrival date for Priya tiger.   Carole has sent you a note via Facebook.

Each day that Carole does a Facebook Live video she asks a question and someone who answers it correctly wins a prize.  So, go to YOUR Facebook and Like our Facebook Page and choose to get notifications of our live videos.  The participate in the contests, join in conversations in the comments area, too..


 HEADS UP, Thor Fans

Carole and Jaime are going out this afternoon to switch out the memory cards and batteries.  They are planning to do a Facebook Live Video while they do that.  So check to catch that live feed this afternoon.

 Note To Newcomers:

Thor is a wild bobcat who was hit by a car and had surgeries, a long difficult recovery in the Windsong Memorial Hospital here at the sanctuary.  Then he went through rehab in our Bobcat Rehab and Release Program.  When recovered and proved he could hunt a release site was carefully selected and he was then released.  Thor had many fans that watched him daily on the high quality live streaming web cam on cam.

Find the direct link to that bobcat rehab cam and all the other live streaming big cat cams at at and watch the wild bobcat kitten, Spirit Feather, who is in rehab now.  A release site is currently be researched for Spirit Feather.  Freedom will soon be hers!

YOU CAN HELP support the Bobcat Rehab and Release program at



In the comments at the bottom of this page, please feel free to ask about your favorite cats.  We WANT to hear from you.  This page is being created each day as a way of COMMUNICATING with YOU, so please feel free to converse with us in the comments at the bottom of the page.   Putting this page together takes quite a bit of time, so we depend on YOU to help streamline our time by telling us what YOU want to see on these updates pages.  Again, the whole purpose of these updates pages is to COMMUNICATE WITH YOU, so talk to us in the comments, ask questions, share your thoughts, of just say hello.

Our goal is to know each other better and to know the issues better so we can all work together teaching others.  We need to all work side by side to get new laws passed that will put an end to so many things that cause big cat suffering.


 Viewer Requested Cat Map

This map was last updated on Nov 11, 2016.  The green cages marked empty are where the new 5 tigers from CO went.  The yellow cage marked cubs is how we refer to Ares, Orion and Artemis, who are 11 now, but came here as cubs 11 years ago.  The nickname “The Cubs” just stuck.

NOTE:  Keep in mind we shift the cats around.  Sometimes a cat does not like their neighbor and either growls a lot or hides a lot.  When a cat is not comfortable with a neighbor one of them gets moved.  Besides, cats like marking and investigating new territory.  However, there are a few cats show do not like change so those cats do not get moved unless necessary.  For those reasons, this map changes frequently.


NOTE:  In Captivity wild cats get to make few choices for themselves as opposed to in the wild they have many choices.  So, here at Big Cat Rescue we try to give the cats at least some choices so they feel more in control of their own lives.  We give them plenty of places to hide. Most of them have more than one den. We also try to pay attention to thing like whether they are uncomfortable with their neighbors, which kinds of foods are their favorite, which keepers they like best, etc.


 Big Cat Food Prep

VIDEO ONE:  Gale’s Food Prep Presentation  

This video was done live at Gale’s Food Prep Presentation on June 2016. This is a long video but if you want a detailed look at our feeding process, this video does that.  LOL, it is salted with a little human fun, too.  Videos like this give you a peek into life at Big Cat Rescue both for the cats and the humans.

NOTE:  If you want to see more detailed info like this on how we operate sign up for our video & text keeper training lessons at  ANYONE can take these online lessons.  There are three free lessons there or you can join to take as many as you want for $9/mo.  You can move through the online lessons as fast or as slow as you want and you can, of course, can cancel at any time.  All 100% of that $9/mo fee helps support the the cats here at Big Cat Rescue.


VIDEO TWO:  How To Feed  Big Cats

Chris, from Cole & Marmalade, made this video back in April 2014 and it gives a quick view of feeding process.  This is a short overview glimpse at the process.


VIDEO THREE:  Joseph Lion “Saying” HO HO HO


VIDEO FOUR:  Moving Priya This Morning

The vets have said Priya is well enough to go home.  For now, her neighbors will be Charaka one one side and Gabrielle on the other side.


 Why was Big Cat Rescue’s Web Site Down?

For the past week or so we have been experiencing a Denial of Service attack, or DoS.  A denial-of-service is any type of attack where the attackers (hackers) attempt to prevent legitimate users from accessing the site.  In a DoS attack, the attacker usually sends excessive messages (millions at a time) asking the network or server to authenticate requests that have invalid return addresses.

The video below is one we created to help our volunteers and supporters from having their sites, computers or personal identities from being stolen.  We use a premium web service provider ( and an expensive website protection company now ( and due to their combined efforts we were able to keep the site up for 99% of the viewers during this time.  If you had trouble accessing our site, we are truly sorry, but due to a massive change we made yesterday, we hope that problem has been resolved.


 Are YOU a PURR-crastinating Shopper

Do you have any last minute gifts to get?  Our online gift shop at has some Instant Delivery gifts that would be great for the young and for the young at heart.  YOUR gift shop purr-chases help us help the cats.


 Big Cat Kids

Here is another coloring page for your kiddos to enjoy. Click on the small picture below to get the 8 x 10 version to save and print.

Free Coloring Page for Kids - Tiger with baby tiger

a-playballQuick Link Reminders

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